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May 26 1911/2011

Forest City - William Healey, the 8 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Healey, was drowned in the McLoughlin pond while swimming with a number of companions Tuesday morning. The little fellow went to the pond at about 11 o'clock and soon after plunging in, sank to the bottom, his companions being unable to save him. The pond was dragged and the body recovered at about 12:30 pm. A brother and sister also survive him.

Montrose - Leon P. Chesley, employed in Miller's barber shop, has been granted a patent on an advertising sign that is of very ingenious construction and on which Mr. Chesley has been working for some time. The sign is cylindrical, rotating horizontally and perpendicularly, simultaneously on the same stand, a principle which inventors and dealers have been working for years to solve. Around the barrel of the sign are a number of people properly attired to suit the wishes of the advertiser, alternately changing with the wording: Compare yourself with the man below. Below is a mirror and you are it. The idea is to show you as you really are and as you might be if you wore Arrow brand collars or a Knox derby, etc. A responsible firm has offered Mr. Chesley $17,000 for the patent rights, but he has not yet accepted. Chesley says he has other ideas in his head that he is working out.

Hallstead - The Hallstead High school graduated a class of six students at the Clune opera house, Wednesday evening, as follows: Edith Corwin, Nora V. Callow, Mary B. Knoeller, Lucy M. Van Wormer, Floyd H. Watkins and Robert F. Wells. Rev. A. B. Browe, pastor of the Baptist church, delivered the commencement address. ALSO At the Clune Hotel about 75 people, nearly all automobilists, took dinner recently. Mr. Clune conducts one of the most up to date hostelries in this part of the state and is progressive with a big P, and these things are appreciated by the traveling public.

Auburn Twp. - Elmer B. Lacey, of Union, NY, visited relatives here during the past week. Mr. Lacey formerly resided here, where he did an extensive business in silo manufacturing. He has continued this work in Union, and there are many who consider the Lacey silos the best on the market. To supply the demand in this vicinity, he is making provisions to erect a large number during the coming summer. ALSO In Auburn Center, on Saturday, while Ziba Lott was getting ready to go to Meshoppen, the horses became frightened and started to run. His little boy was in the wagon and was thrown under the horses' feet and seriously injured, having a bad gash on the back of his head and being otherwise cut and bruised. Dr. Harrison was called and under his treatment the boy is improving nicely. Considerable damage was done to the wagon and harness.

South Gibson - Mrs. Earl Davis and sister, Miss Wilmot Warren, left here May 23 for a trip to England to visit their parents, brothers and sisters. Mrs. Davis came to this country at the age of 11 years and has been here over 20 years, during which time two brothers and one sister have followed her to this country.

Alford - Archie Betts, Jay Sickler, Wm. Snow and Ralph Case were fishing at Upper Lake last Thursday night and came home with a lot of bullheads.

Susquehanna - One prominent member of the Board of Trade purchases a large portion of his supplies from Sears, Roebuck and Co., of Chicago. Another can only get satisfactory printing done in Binghamton. Still others buy their groceries and provisions at wholesale in New York city. And all of them are loud in advocating a bigger and better Susquehanna. Their motto is "do as I say, not as I do."

New Milford - W. Harding, of New York city, a tourist, is in town with a Metallurgique car made in Belgium, costing $12,000.

Little Meadows - Christine DeKay left Monday for Binghamton where she has accepted a position.

Harford - A slight shower on Tuesday evening did refreshing work in our section at least. Old timers say never within their memory have we had such extreme hot weather in the month of May.

Uniondale - Parents take notice: you should keep your children in your yard during play hours. I rode with a gentleman the other day and almost ran over two boys playing with a little wagon in the middle of the road. It is a common occurrence for children to hit horses with stones and sticks. Parents watch your children a little and you may soon see what they are at, and you may some day feel well paid for this little bit of advice.

Kingsley - Accommodations for the traveling public at Kingsley, where they can find board, lodging and stabling at the first door back of the postoffice.

Springville - Homer Young is agent for the Maxwell automobile. He recently took a trip to Philadelphia, with a purchaser of one of that make, last week. A couple of agents were here demonstrating a new machine. Many in the town had a fine ride, thanks to Mr. Young.

West Lenox - Measles, fishing and planting potatoes are the order of the day. ALSO In Lenox Twp., Frank Brundage, of Scranton, recently purchased the Killean and Titus farms and during the past few days has been setting out a large number (about 1100) of fruit trees, including apple, pear, plum, cherry, peach and quince bushes.

Dimock - Andrew Conrad now drives the large Cooksley mule to and from the milk station daily, drawing nearly as large a load as must of the double teams of Dimock.

News Briefs - Operators in telephone exchanges can usually tell an hour or two ahead of time whether or not a thunder shower is approaching. While in the Commonwealth telephone exchange Tuesday afternoon, the chief operator asked a Republican reporter if he thought there was going be a shower. Looking weather-wise and seeing that there were no clouds in sight he ventured the remark that it didn't look much like a shower. "The electricity is coming in over the wires," was the reply, "and they are getting storms somewhere, and it is likely we will soon." The crackle of wires was ominous and a couple of hours later mutterings of thunder told of the approaching shower. It's a wise person who carries an umbrella if he sees the "telephone girls" carry one. ALSO List of new music just received: (12 cents a copy) Honey Love, Nightingale, That was Before I Met You, That Paradise Rag.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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