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May 25 1917/2017

Hopbottom – After the regular afternoon drill of the Home Guards last week, they formed in double column and marched to Mr. Chesley’s new barber shop, where a business meeting was held. On motion of T.J. Murray, Dr. Van de Sand was appointed chairman of the meeting. After due deliberation, it was decided to organize on a military basis. The following officers were duly elected: Leon P. Chesley, captain; Thomas J. Murray, first lieutenant; Murray Palmer, second lieutenant. E.M. Loomis, of the firm of Loomis & Case, graciously offered his hall as a meeting place, free of charge, during the summer months. For the past month this company has been drilling regularly once or twice a week. It was voted to meet for drill Friday evening, from 8 to 9, and Sunday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:30 o’clock.

Fairdale – George M. Olmstead was here on Monday. Mr. Olmstead says that his son, who is a graduate of Pennsylvania State College and has been an instructor in that institution, has located at Bellefonte, Center county. The young man will act in the capacity of agricultural extension agent in the county farm bureau. ALSO The Fairdale branch of Camp Fire Girls, Chahpah Wee, will meet with Louise Risley and all are requested to be present as they are going to make wreaths for the soldiers.

Montrose – Kenneth Warner went to Scranton last Saturday and enlisted as a Quartermaster Sergeant and expects a call soon to report for duty. ALSO J.J. Ryan & Co. this week secured through H.M. Cole, the local Ford agent, one of the new Smith-form trucks, which the firm will use for its delivery business. This is a light, strong, medium-priced truck body, which can be attached to any Ford car, and is being widely used.

Great Bend – Burglars broke into Day’s stone factory and carried off every piece of brass and copper from boiler and machinery on Sunday night.  Early Monday morning an Erie shopman, on his way to the station, found a large grip secreted at the end of a pile, and it proved to be the stolen brass.  No clue to the thieves has been found.

Hallstead – “Hallstead Sends Four Young Men to the War”: Four Hallstead boys enlisted in the regular army Tuesday, and were given an enthusiastic send-off by the citizenry. Schools were closed for the half day. There was a parade, martial music by the fife and drum corps and presentation of useful articles to the four young men. Two of the boys are brothers, Aaron and George VanWormer, and claim direct decent from the family of Lafayette.  The other boys were Sherman Craft and Mark O’Neill.  The quartet has been sent to Fort Slocum, NY for training.

Harford – Memorial Sunday at the Congregational church at 10:30.  Honor the Veterans of the past.  Promote heroism in the present, carrying the Cross and the flag to the Front.

Howard Hill, Liberty Twp. – Ernest Ingraham, formerly of this place, now of Binghamton, was greeting his many friends here on the Hill. He has joined the Gaylord Construction Co., of carpenters, steam-fitters and plumbers, who are building a concentration camp at Fort Harrison, Ind., and left for his new duties there.

Fair Hill, Forest Lake Twp. – Mr. and Mrs. George Fox, of Clearfield Co, formerly of this place, were calling on friends. He is working in the soft coal mines and making good money.

Glenwood – Automobiles are all the craze around here. The Marcy Brothers have recently purchased a new Maxwell.  Russell and James don’t care for the high cost of speeding.

Susquehanna – Representative Allen D. Miller was today admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Mr. Miller left the house this morning long enough to permit W. D. B. Ainey, chairman of the State Public Service Commission, also a lawyer in Montrose and neighbor of Mr. Miller, to make the motion for his admittance.

Herrick Center – On Tuesday evening the commencement exercises were held in the High school auditorium which was filled to its utmost capacity by an appreciative audience. The stage was beautifully decorated with the flag and class colors. The graduates, Elwood Browning Jones and Helen Edith Howe, made a fine appearance and rendered their orations in a highly creditable manner. The address of the evening, by Rev. Frank Eden, of Mansfield, was greatly enjoyed, both for its bright wit and its sober sense. The Uniondale orchestra discoursed excellent music and the diplomas were fittingly presented by the president of the school board, Dr. A. L. Craft.

Springville – Leland Comstock left to join the army.  He reported at Wilkes-Barre. Zibe

Billings, of Dimock, takes Comstock’s place as manager of the Empire milk station. Raymond Titman, who enlisted has been sent to Texas for border patrol work, and Roy Kilts has been selected to go to the trenches in France.

Forest City – Leo McCabe is to report at the recruiting station the first of the week. He will be the eighth recruit who will assemble from Forest City at the station for transportation to Fort Slocum.  They will be assigned to the coast artillery. Bennie Yanchitis and Michael Madden went to Scranton yesterday to enlist. ALSO The 25th anniversary of the founding of St. John’s church was observed Saturday. At half past five a parade was formed as follows: Platoon of police, Forest City band, Christopher Columbo Society, the Slavish National Society, the Slavish Pennsylvania Society, the Slavish National Catholic Society, the Hillside Volunteer Hose Company, Rev. Zoldak, the pastor and Wasil Pituah, organist. John Matichl, Stephen Hupko and Andrew Peluich in autos. The parade moved up Main street as far as North street and then turned on its way to Vandling where a picnic was enjoyed in Lukas’ grove.

Uniondale – A cement dam is to be built at Lewis Lake by the D & H.  Material has arrived. Teams are needed and owing to the busy season none are to be had.  Workmen are here ready for the work.

Thompson – S. L. Hall of the North Side recently sold a ham to Mrs. Jeanette Hubbard, from a pig that he butchered last fall.  Weight of the ham, 57½ lbs. We wouldn’t mind having a slice.

200 Years Ago from the Montrose Centinel, May 24, 1817.

*ESTRAYED. FROM the enclosure of Sylvester Smith in Lawsville township, on the 21st inst., a large BAY HORSE; had a leather strap arounds its neck, has a star in his forehead, short mane and tail and rather shifting in his gate. Any person who will give information to the subscriber where said he might be found, shall be handsomely rewarded.  ASA ADAMS, Great Bend, May 23, 1817.

*PAY YOUR TAX. I HEREBY notify all persons who are indebted to me for their last year’s County Tax, that they must call and settle the same immediately, or pay me for calling on them. SAMUEL GREGORY, Collector, Bridgewater, May 22nd.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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