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May 24 1895/1995

East Rush – Mrs. E.L. Estes while breaking hens’ eggs for cooking purposes, the other day, broke one in which was a live snake about ten inches in length, and in the middle as large as a lead pencil; the snake was coiled up on one side of the yolk. She did not use the egg.

Montrose – Work on the Montrose telephone line will be begun at once; you will see the poles a going up before many days. It is expected that at least 70 phones will be in use here in a short time. At a special meeting of the Town Council on Tuesday evening, it was decided by a vote of five to three to set aside for the present the plan of lighting the Borough by electricity.

Herrick Centre – Quite a number from this place attended the Wild West Show, at Carbondale. Several had their pockets picked. AND A.D. Barnes received a car load of road wagons last week. It looks as if business was booming, at least for him, by the number he had disposed of already. “Good goods sell themselves.”

Rush – The Rush band dances on the 4th of July will be held in Granger’s Hall instead of Stone’s, as published last week. The band are preparing an interesting and spicy program for that occasion.

Susquehanna – Bob Hunting’s circus will invade the sacred precincts of Susquehanna about June 18.

Franklin Forks – Mr. Jerry Doe and family met with an agreeable surprise the other day. A stranger walked up to their door and asked to remain overnight as he was very tired. They consented to let him stay. He began talking to them, and finally asked if they did not recognize him. They told him they did not after which he made himself known. He proved to be a long absent brother of Mrs. Doe’s who left here about 45 years ago, and of whom they had lost all knowledge – but he has come among them once more hale and hearty. He has been retired from the Navy with full pay, after a service of over 40 years. He has visited every country on the globe except China. He is now visiting his twin brother, Jerry Buckley, at Susquehanna.

Springville – Having read about so many big catches of fish in your paper will say that the fish nor the fisherman are not all living at or near Montrose. Earle Taylor has a way to charm the finny tribe. He brought home last week four bull heads that weighed 5lbs. 3oz., and several others that were not weighed.

Hallstead – A.W. Reynolds, Architect of the Methodist church, came up from Binghamton last week and staked out the plan of the building on the Church St. lot. Work will not begin.

Uniondale – Charlie Tucker has a Cleveland hat; it’s white. AND The strongest man on record is Lester Carpenter, he lifted a barrel of sugar that weighed 350 pounds.

Kingsley – Miss L. Bennett of Factoryville will be at the post office in Kingsley with a stock of millinery goods for sale, every Tuesday during the season.

Clifford – Ralph Miller is improving his farm by having some substantial stone wall laid; Merrick Miller is doing the work. AND N. Spedden and Sons, proprietors of the Thorn Hill Stock Farm are gentlemen who have the welfare of the public in mind in regard to the raising of first-class stock. Their English Cleveland Bay is one of the finest horses to be seen in this section, and our farmers will do well in patronizing them.

News Brief – About the middle of June an extra train will leave Tunkhannock via the Montrose road, on Saturday nights, for Lake Carey at 7:45, after the arrival of trains from Wilkes-Barre and Towanda, and on Monday mornings will leave Lake Carey at 6:30 o’clock in time to deliver its passengers to connect with the early morning trains north and south on the Lehigh Valley.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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