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May 22 1908/2008

Uniondale - There will be no Memorial Day races at the Uniondale Driving Park this year. The first meet will take place on the Fourth of July.

Dimock - Percy Ballentine and family are making preparations for a tour of Europe that will possibly extend over a couple of years' time. Mr. Ballentine has already disposed of most of his stable of horses and only such employees as will be necessary to keep up the large estate will be retained.

Susquehanna - The outlook is that the Erie shops, after a short layoff, will resume work on full time July 1. The full working force numbers about 2,200 men. Times have been decidedly dull since the suspension of so many employees, but the encouraging news will mean a resumption of prosperous conditions. AND Excavations for the annex of the Simon H. Barnes hospital are completed, and work on the superstructure has commenced.

Forest City - Chief of Police R. S. Inglis and Constable Decker brought three alleged highwaymen from Forest City Tuesday. They are Todd and Matthew Simpson, brothers, and George Hoggarth, their brother-in-law. It looks like a sort of family affair, the lone traveler being held up and his valuables and money removed from his person. Who the victim was and what was taken could not be learned, but sufficient evidence was found against them in a hearing before Justice G. R. Bell, at Forest City, to warrant their being turned over to the custody of Sheriff Pritchard.

Jackson - Myron French Post No. 512, G. A. R., will observe Memorial Day here on Saturday, May 30. The services will be in the cemetery at 10:30 a.m. and the address will be delivered by the Rev. Mr. Johnson, of New Milford, in the M. E. church at 11 a.m. Jackson Cornet Band will furnish music for the occasion and the Ladies' Aid will furnish dinner at Roberts' hall.

Clifford - In his communication to this paper a few weeks ago Hon. E. E. Jones mentioned the matter of a change in our dog and sheep law. Right you are, Brother Jones; go right down to Harrisburg as soon as you can and get that special law, under which we now work, changed, and every taxpayer in Clifford will rise up and call you blessed. AND A lunatic was captured near the Birch schoolhouse by constable Coleman, of Dundaff. He was taken to Forest City where he was properly taken care of.

Elk Lake - F. T. Kent, en route to Orange, N.J., called on Montrose friends last Saturday. Mr. Kent is a musician of no mean ability, and has composed several song compositions, which are very pretty.

Rush - A monster American eagle, shot by C. W. Brown, near Rush, was recently presented to George C. Hayes of the Binghamton Boat House. The fortunate sportsman has placed his prize into the hands of a taxidermist for mounting.

Montrose - Corporal John Quinn, for years the good and faithful color-bearer of the Montrose Grand Army Post, returned to Binghamton last week after spending several days among friends here. Mr. Quinn is in declining health, but he declares that just as long as strength holds out in his right arm, he will hold aloft the grandest of all flags--Old Glory! "Uncle John" may lose strength, but Patriotism--Never!

Springville - Stuart Riley has bought a new piano for his son, Minot. There are now thirteen pianos in town. AND Charles W. Lee sports a new buggy, purchased from the Elkhart Buggy and Harness Co., Elkhart, Ind.

Franklin Forks - Ward B. Smith is preparing to go into the cut glass business in this place.

New Milford - The borough council has purchased an up-to-date stone crusher and it is now in operation repairing the streets.

Lanesboro - At the last day of school Miss McGuire presented each of her scholars with an artistic souvenir booklet containing a photo of the school house, together with the names of the teachers, school directors and scholars.

Great Bend - Editor S. P. More just sold his paper to Wm. Williams and C. W. Stowell, the latter having been Mr. More's assistant for a long time and he can make the Plaindealer move right along all right, while Mr. More will take life easier and look after his real estate interests in Great Bend and Binghamton.

Herrick Centre - Jasper Gettle had the misfortune to nearly sever his big toe while working in the woods one day last week. Dr. A. G. Craft sewed it on and has hopes of saving it.

Thompson - John Clapper, of the township, had the misfortune to break his leg near the ankle the other day, and it is not conducive of sleep in the least degree, although he seems to be doing pretty well for an old man. AND Fishwarden Shoemaker was in town last week and it cost some parties from Wayne county $37 to learn a few things about the fish laws.

Flynn, Middletown Twp. - James Rourke went to Laurel Lake Monday to start the creamery running.

Fair Hill, Forest Lake/Jessup Twp. - John Ralston, of South Montrose, moved a barn 42 x 24 ft. for E. H. Sivers last Tuesday and Wednesday. It was moved in a little more than a day and a half, and shows Mr. Ralston understands the business.

Fowler Hill, Rush Twp. - Christie Curran has improved the looks and comfort of the Fowler Hill school house more in three weeks than any other teacher has done in as many months. That is the kind of a teacher we want.

Glenwood - Walter Kellog and family, of Syracuse, were at their summer home here for a while, the Grow Homestead.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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