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May 21 1920/2020

West Harford – The ladies of this place are busy cleaning house, digging greens, caring for baby chicks, while the men folks are busy preparing the ground for summer crops. The small girls are seen in the woods looking for Mayflowers, or other spring flowers, while the small boy, as well as larger ones, are just as busy as anyone, fishing down at the pond, and some times their patience is rewarded by bringing in a few fine fish.

South Gibson – The ladies of the church will give an entertainment in the church on the evening of May 29th, entitled “The Spinsters’ Convention.” Come and see the old maids transformed into young and beautiful maidens before your own eyes. It is expected that Clair Lewis, of Jackson, will be present and favor the audience with a few readings.

Flynn – The young people held a lovely May party at the new home of S. J. Gillin on May 13. About 40 of his friends were present. Dancing was indulged in until the small hours. The party was added to with several up-to-date selections rendered by his Pathe graphonola, which is a perfection. The ladies served lunch and the only thing lacking was more time. The party was chaperoned by Mrs. M. P. Curley, Mrs. William Phalen and Mr. James McGovern. ALSO Thomas Guiton, Jr., has accepted a position with the 1900 Washer Co., Binghamton.

Montrose – The graduating class of the high school is composed of the following: Leona Black, Marjorie Bullard, Vivienne Bushnell, Kathleen Coleman, George Englehardt, Harry Fancher, Pauline Fish, Alice Hinds, Eleanor Ives, Lillian Kinney, Marjorie Raub, Augusta Steiger, Reva Steine, Lillian Thornton, Frances Stephens, Reginald Snell and Norman Reynolds.

Thompson – John D. Miller advertises a public sale of 13 pure bred Holsteins, to be held at his farm, Tuesday, June 1. Difficulty in obtaining farm hands is given as the reason for the sale. ALSO During the snow squall of May 14th, Frank Wrighter, of Wrighter Hill, scraped up sufficient snow to pack a good-sized snow ball.

New Milford – Mr. and Mrs. Homer J. Tingley announce the engagement of their daughter, Sylvia Arline, to Urbane Lee Darrow. The wedding will take place in June. Both are popular young people, Miss Tingley being employed in the New Milford Silk Mill, while Mr. Darrow is a responsible young farmer of the township.

Susquehanna – Eisman & Hersch, who began a 20% discount sale last Friday, report a large amount of stock sold and many customers filled their spacious stores. The sales on Friday were the largest ever recorded for this popular firm, who always enjoy a large trade and cater to the best people of the city and country. ALSO Frank Gaeta, proprietor of the Erie Avenue Shoe Shop, has purchased 4,000 pairs of army shoes, which he will be able to sell at less than half price.

Brooklyn – At the annual commencement exercises the two honor students, Helen Gere and Rena Terry, each gave essays and Robert Breed, the class president, bestowed the Class Mantle upon the Junior Class.

Hop Bottom – Mail Carrier Ollie Pratt had a miraculous escape from injury when his team of horses became frightened and ran about a mile before they were stopped by men on the highway. Mr. Pratt had a thrilling ride before the horses were under control, the road over which the horses had run being down grade.

Forest City – The old Independence base ball team have once more re-organized. The following are requested by the manager to report for practice, Friday evening, May 21, at 6 o’clock sharp: James Kelly, Guy Carpenter, Steve Shemro, John Woodisheck, Sam Payne, Pat Malia, Joseph Murin, Harold Owens, Dr. Bell, Mike Korsnak, Italy Slick, Joe Muroski, Thomas Burns, Joseph Barrett, Duke Dukanic, McGranaghan, Vin. Connelly, Joe Surba, V. Swarts, M. Micko, Tiny Svigel and Joe Madden. We are in need of a catcher. All catchers report.

Uniondale – Herman, eldest son of Dr. and Mrs. F. F. Todd, was the victim of a painful accident last week. He found a dynamite cap that exploded. His left hand was so badly shattered that two fingers had to be amputated. AND Dan Gibson has started training his race horses on the fair grounds. He has five in training and dopesters have it that Dan will set the pace for the best horses in this section.

Binghamton & Auburn Twp. – C. J. Lake and A. J. Reynolds, of Binghamton, are now operating a motor truck between Binghamton and Montrose, making three trips weekly. The young men do a freight and express business entirely, carrying no passengers. It is a great convenience to local people and should be liberally patronized. They are former Auburn township residents and have many friends in this section.

Fowler Hill, Auburn Twp. – We wish to state at this time that the item in last week’s paper, concerning the announcement of Miss Lizzie Hitchcock’s engagement, was false and not written by the regular correspondent. The writer of such was entirely out of their place to send in such an article to be printed unless they had good authority. Tending to other people’s affairs often times causes all the trouble we are looking for.

Fair Hill, Forest Lake Twp. – Myron Green has purchased a new trotter. He thinks he can now show some speed when the autos get out of his way.

Lanesboro – The people of this place are determined to stop the speeding of automobiles from the D & H station and other roads in the vicinity of that thriving little village and somebody will surely get the offenders if they persist in the practice.

Herrick Center – Henry Simpson and Mary Mumford were married at Carbondale on Saturday, May 1 and are living there for the present. Ward Mosholder, of Uniondale and Miss Ruth Tonkin, of Herrick, were married on Thursday, May 6th, at the parsonage, by Rev. R. H. Fisk. They will reside in Uniondale.

Lynn, Springville Twp. – On the evening of May 21, at the M. E. Church of this place, an entertainment by home talent will be given. Following the entertainment will be a social and free lunch at the hall. Admission to the entertainment will be one cent an inch for the number of inches of your waist measure. All come and enjoy the fun.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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