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May 21 1897/1997

Hallstead – A fire of unknown origin on Saturday morning totally destroyed the carpenter shop of W.M. Knoeller, the blacksmith shop of Wm. Puntell and completely, wrecked, the village lockup, besides damaging a considerable degree the residence of W. Stack. William Kenny and others engaged in the quarry business generally left a quantity of tools in the blacksmith shop as at that point they load their stone on the railway cars for shipment. They reported their tools among the wreckage. The fire gained serious headway before an alarm was given.

Fairdale – Fairdale has a telephone.

Forest City – H.F: Aldrich caught an eel from Cottrell's pond,, near Uniondale, weighing 2-1/2 Lbs. He placed it in water and the eel is now at his home, alive and lively. Mr. Aldrich will place an aquarium in his store window where he will place the eel and a number of other fish, including trout and catfish.

Jackson – Miss Mabel Larrabee, of Thompson, spent three days at H.M. Benson's store where she sold to her many friends select and stylish wraps and hats.

Montrose – Wm. M. Post mourns the loss of valuable personal property, through the work of an involuntary incendiary. AND Wm. isn't happy.

Dimock – We were saddened this morning by the report that the little bright 18 months old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Dolan, on Sunday last after a few minutes absence, was found near the house drowned in a large watering trough. The people of this community share with the heart stricken parents in their great bereavement.

Glenwood – Several young rowdies attended the Salvation Army meetings at Starkville, and conducted themselves in a very disgraceful and disorderly manner. Their conduct was not only an insult upon the people there, but showed great disrespect to their parents. Young men that go to church and will not behave themselves during services should be dealt with according to law.

East Rush – C.P. Linaberry has about 80 chickens and turkeys hatched from B.A. Jones incubator. Mr. Jones is doing quite a business hatching eggs this spring for three cents per chicken.

Union Dale – Three of our boys graduated lately in Carbondale's Business college. They are Lester Carpenter, Rennie Williams and Benjamin Curtis.

Birchardville – Frank and Lee Fessenden have broken ground for the erection of their steam sawmill in this place.

Susquehanna – Robert L. Warden and wife, who reside about two miles southwest of Susquehanna, are rejoicing over the arrival of three healthy babies at their home last week. Two girls and one boy make up the trio. AND The Presbyterian congregation has empowered the trustees to erect a new church edifice, at a cost not to exceed $9,000, not including furnishings.

New Milford – Patrick McManus was severely injured by a falling limb of a tree on Sunday. His skull was crushed and internal injuries sustained, but under the skillful treatment of Dr. Ainey is doing as well as possible.

Herrick Centre – Wednesday evening. May 26, at 8 o'clock at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Avery, will occur the marriage of their daughter, Josephine, to Noah W. Smith, one of Burnwood's prominent young men.

Elk Lake – Harry Kilts and nephew, Paul Blakeslee, of Springville, caught 108 bullheads at Stump pond, near Elk Lake, one day last week;

Harford – Memorial services will be held in the Congregational church Sunday. May 23. Rev. Coryell of the M.E. church will preach .the sermon. It is expected that the Harvey Rice Post and G.L. Payne Camp of Sons of Veterans and children from the Soldiers' Orphan School will be present in a body.

Oak Hill – J.F. Blessing purchased of the Avery Frink estate, the derrick that hoisted the stones for the erection of the Montrose and Towanda jails.

Forest Lake – Sam’l Shoemaker still lingers on the shores of time. He is very feeble.

Brooklyn – Comrades, The approach of the 30th of May brings vividly to our minds the sad and tender memories of our fallen dead, who died in defense of their country and whose bodies now lie in almost every village and country churchyard in the land and many of them were laid sad and lonely, within a nameless grave; "Where a robe of white is given for the faded coat of blue." It is a beautiful thought that on this Memorial Day the surviving comrades and a liberty loving and happy people can lay aside their labors and with grateful hearts and tender hands pay loving homage to the memory of the brave men who sleep upon the "Eternal Camping Ground." May their glory never fade. The following comrades are detailed to decorate at the different cemeteries on Saturday, May 29: Dimock Cem., M.. Lathrop, James Gavitt. Lathrop Cem.: G.C. Mack, J.B. Davidson. Hop bottom Cem.: T.E. Penny, J.N. Tiffany. Dennis Cem.: Same committee. Universalist Cem.: Chas. Richards, Alva Quick.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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