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May 18 1923/2023

Franklin Twp. – During the past week teamsters have been engaged in moving the lighter equipment of the Jones drilling rig to the new location, south of Silver Creek, where another well is to be put down by the Montrose Gas Company. Within a few days it is expected that D. E. Passmore will be sent down, with his magnificent lumber teams, to move the rig which weighs, stripped, between six and seven tons. ALSO B. L. Lindsey says that his blacksmith shop will be open three days each week, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, until further notice.

Fair Hill, Forest Lake Twp. – We sure had a young winter last week with two inches of snow. Thirty–eight years ago the ground was white with snow, the 30th of May, and a great deal of fruit was damaged. ALSO The following students, of the Warner school, took high school examinations in Friendsville, Saturday: Thomas and Andrew MacFarlane and Walter Foster. Ethel Booth, Wesley Foust, Donald Frazier and Helen Dora, of the Forest Lake school, took the high school examinations in Montrose.

Hallstead – Warren Simrell, son of W. F. Simrell, will graduate from Annapolis in June. He will be commissioned as ensign and will serve on a destroyer as his first assignment.

Forest City – Michael Jannicelli, a student at Bloomsburg Normal school, spent the weekend with his parents here. ALSO St. Joseph’s choir was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Volk, of Railroad street, on Sunday afternoon and evening. A program of songs featured. Refreshments were served and the occasion was a fitting observance of Mothers’ Day.

Great Bend – The Great Bend borough taxpayers met and decided to erect a new school building. The present building has become unsuited for a schoolhouse and it was found it would cost more to repair the old one than it is worth, it being greater economy to erect a new one. Cost projected is $30,000.

Uniondale – John Tinklepaugh drove his speeder to Nicholson one day last week. He did not go quite as fast as some of the autoists but enjoyed the scenery much better and could say “How do you do?” to his old friends along the way instead of cursing the roads and supervisors when his flyer, going 40 miles an hour, skidded and went over the top or up a tree.

Hop Bottom – The class of ’23 is the largest that ever graduated from this school and comprises of twenty-two members.

Montrose - The county commissioners have decided to pave the street along the county grounds which abut on Lake avenue and will go up as far as the jail property. The work will be done at the same time Public avenue is paved, which will lessen the expense to the county. It is probable that brick will be used for paving on the steepest part of the grade, at least, as the State Highway Department requires the use of brick on inclines above a certain percent. An effort is being made to have property owners on Lake avenue, up as far as Locust street, continue the pave to that point A number have agreed to stand their share of the expense to continue the paving.

Heart Lake – The resort here is preparing for its formal opening of the season on Memorial Day, May 30th.

Transue, Auburn Twp. – The hard wind and rainstorm, last week, blew two silos down for F. L. Peet, one for James Hallstead, and overturned a large henhouse for F. E. Ming.

Dimock – Leslie Johnson had the misfortune to fall on the school grounds while doing a pole vault, breaking both bones in his wrist. Dr. Preston set the injured member. This is not only painful and incapacitates him for work, but it is a great handicap to the school base ball team, as Leslie was their catcher.

New Milford – The Personal Workers Class of the M. E. church will present a musical farce entitled, “The Singing School,” in the Opera House, May 18, at 8:15 p.m.

Thompson – Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, the hall was packed Saturday night to witness the play: “Miss Somebody Else.” ALSO Keystone Hall will be open Saturday night, June 2nd, for roller skating and will continue every Saturday night following.

Clifford – The Browndale Sluggers defeated the Clifford Giants in an exciting game Sunday afternoon, by a score of 8 to 6.

Lanesboro – Our schools have closed and the teachers have departed for their respective homes except Miss Edyth Smith, of Uniondale, who remains for a time in the home of Mrs. Arthur Brower. Principal J. R Rude has gone to Honesdale; Miss Luella Gere, assistant principal, to Brooklyn, Pa; Miss Grace Jones to Carbondale and Mrs. Minnie Conrad to Bushellville, Pa.

South Montrose – The pouring of cement on the new concrete State road was commenced near Ballantine’s Crossing, below South Montrose, Tuesday.

Marriage Licenses have been issued to the following: James L. Hull, Kingsley and Sarah A. Gay, Heart Lake; John L. Kilts and Theda Johnson, both of Springville; Ralph W. Clark and Velma L. Birtch, both of New Milford; Forest B. Estabrook and Pheba E. Tiffany, both of New Milford.

News Briefs: Among the other kinds of war now we have what is called the gasoline war. Some one has cut the rate and all along at different garages and pump stations it is posted 25 cents. A number of wholesalers have refused to reduce the rates and consequently several local stations are without supplies and proprietors informed their customers that they did not care to handle gas at a loss. No one seems to know the cause of the struggle but everyone who buys seems to be perfectly well satisfied to get his tank filled for 21 cents. Probably this struggle will soon be over and possibly the price may soar once more. ALSO Every man who drives a car should have a suit of coveralls stowed in the car for any possible emergency. A few dollars spent for a suit often prevents the ruination of a forty or fifty-dollar suit of clothes.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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