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May 12 1911/2011

Susquehanna - The legislature has granted an appropriation of $5,000 to the Barnes Hospital at Susquehanna. The amount asked was $6,500. This hospital is doing an excellent work and is deserving of better support by the State, although with this assistance and the amount paid for treating local cases it can exist.

Hop Bottom - C. H. Kellum is making arrangements to move his family of two children to Philadelphia where he will reside with his son Lyman.

Montrose - D. V. Gardiner, chairman of the Street and Sidewalk Committee of the borough council, has ordered 12 barrels of "Dustoline" with which to treat the road on Pubic avenue. This amount has been ordered merely as a test, and if it is satisfactory an application will be made on Church street, and possibly the upper portion of South Main in the business district. It is claimed for "Dustoline" that it is white, unlike crude oil that is used in some localities, will not adhere to the shoes and be tracked into homes, despoiling carpets, etc., and arousing ire in the heart of the busy housewife; it has no smell of obnoxious nature, and will not damage rubber tires on automobiles and other vehicles. Dust on the business streets has been a nuisance much of the time during the summer months, and if it can be abated it will work untold benefit to the residents and give a better opinion of the town to visitors.

West Auburn - Supervisor Baker, with his men, is busy working on the roads these days. Mr. Baker has had signs put up at every cross road, so that travelers will know which way to go without having to stop and inquire.

Forest City - Michael Salajda, slayer of John Palica in Forest City on October 26th last, was sentenced by Judge Little to an indeterminate sentence of from three to twelve years. Providing Salajda's behavior is good, his term of imprisonment will be comparatively short and he will doubtless be released at the end of three years.

Harford - Class of nine is graduated. The class consisted of four boys and five girls, Margaret E. Warren, Mary L. Gow, Mildred E. Forsythe, Mae E. Tiffany, Julia C. Stearns, and Russell E. Carey, Eldridge H. Shoup, Olin L. Mittan and Wendell H. Phillips.

Ararat Summit - Miss Mayme Gleason, of New Milford, is teaching at the Hobbs district school; Miss Eliza Foote, at the Brook school and Miss Electia Potter at the Burnwood school. ALSO The Ararat post office was changed from the store of J. L. Wademan to the store of Leon W. Potter, the newly appointed postmaster, on Friday.

Brooklyn - F. B. Jewett has the hotel barn, which he is building to accommodate the Brooklyn Hotel, nearly finished and painted. It will be a fine barn, 32 x 42 feet, with a basement under the whole barn, and when finished will fill a long felt want for a place to care for public horses.

Hallstead - On Monday, May 8th, Mrs. Hattie E. Loomis began delivering ice for the summer season to her many customers. ALSO - The employees of the American Chair Mfg. Co. are working six hours a day at present with a half holiday on Saturday afternoon.

Uniondale - We recently looked into the cow barn of an up-to-date farmer, whose cows are in the finest shape and the stables as clean as some people's houses, yes cleaner. John White deserves this credit, and a good deal more. If John keeps on, perhaps some of these slow, easy going farmers will take notice and clean up some.

Lynn, Springville Twp. - Dad Brooks was out with his rubber tire road wagon on Sunday last trying some of the new roads he has been helping to build for the past few days.

Watrous Corners - Sulky plows are all the go here. John Crossen, Chas. McKinney and Myron Bissell have just purchased them.

Scranton - Walter Oakley, of Scranton, formerly of Montrose, goes to Europe soon, where he will spend two months as chauffeur for C. S. Woolworth.

Thompson - Robert Davidson, of Thompson and Mrs. Evangeline Hawkins, of Carbondale, were married at the M. E. Parsonage, at Tunkhannock, April 26, 1911. The young bride was the daughter of Theodore Carpenter, of Uniondale. They made the trip in an automobile, but there was one less in the party when they returned, for the two were made one. Yes, we will take a cigar. Thank you!

Company of 85 is Reduced to 10 - Co. H. 4th Pennsylvania Reserves Infantry will celebrate its 50th anniversary of their departure for the seat of war, June 13, 1911. Co. H was the first company mustered in the volunteer service from Susquehanna County. But 10 remain of the 85 of the original members of Co. H, they being as follows: Capt. A. T. Sweet, Harford; Lieut. L. P. Gay, Montrose, Sergt. Maj. R. S. Searle, Montrose; Sergt. M. H. Van Scoten, Montrose; Corp. Geo. Woodruff, Montrose; Musician Chas. A. Kenyon, New Milford; John L. Smith, West Auburn; John Anderson, Arlington, Kansas; Wm. Trippler, Brooklyn, N.Y. and Calvin P. Gay, Sayre, Pa.

County Jail - Frank Tallon, who was serving a sentence in the County jail, made good his escape by scaling the wall in one of the yards last Saturday afternoon and leisurely walked up Lake Avenue and his apparent lack of concern caused people to think that he had completed his time. He took the road to Franklin Forks and after a short interruption by some Montrose gentlemen, hied to the woods and has not been seen since. He would have enjoyed his liberty, anyway, in a few days.

News Brief - More and more are the home-made garments being displaced with the ready-made ones. There's a saving in time and a saving in money and the creations of the ready to wear manufacturers are so neat, original and well-fitting that many are attracted thereby.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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