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May 11 1923/2023

Montrose – The paving of Public Avenue is the topic being discussed by the Borough Council. More will be reported when a decision is made. ALSO A walk through the Montrose Cemetery shows the need of immediate attention to the repair of a number of monuments and stones to prevent considerable damage. In some instances expensive monuments are ready to fall. Members of the Association noted some of the plots, eleven in all, which are in greatest need of attention. Finances are limited to do the repairs and if any reader knows of relatives who should be interested they can confer a real favor by calling their attention to this article. Lot owners can aid in the work by placing their lots under perpetual care.

New Milford – The soft drink bottling works, conducted for the past two years by Dean Brothers, was sold last week to Hollis E. Tiffany. Mr. Tiffany has moved the plant from the Dean mill property to a building near the Bertholf Hotel. “Orange Squeeze,” which has been a leader with the company, will be continued by the new management. For the past 6 months Mr. Tiffany has been employed in the place and has become thoroughly competent in the manufacture of all kinds of soft drinks.

Heart Lake – The fine residence of Mrs. Helen K. Brown caught fire from a defective flue and had not the afternoon train been standing at the station, nearby, it would have been impossible to save it from destruction. Sparks from the chimney had ignited the dry shingles and the flames were spreading rapidly when discovered by the trainmen. The locomotive whistle was blown, giving instant alarm. The train crew, creamery hands and men in charge of Fred Aldrich, from the icehouses, gave prompt and effective assistance and the fire was extinguished before much damage was done.

Alford – Much speculation has been made by autoists going down the Lackawanna Trail, towards Alford, as to the large wooden structure being put up about half-way between he Summit bridge and the old Alford station, the same progressing slowly and having been under construction for nearly the past year. The writer, passing by the other day and being of a curious nature, took the opportunity to stop and inquire and found that it is to be a dance hall. The building is 60x24 and is being put up by C. E. Woodward, of New Milford, who formerly conducted a garage in that place. Mr. Woodward has built the structure entirely alone, doing the excavating and all the woodwork, etc. He intends to sell ice cream, soft drinks, light lunches, etc., and will install an electric piano for dancing, the same to be open to the public at all times.

Harford – E. E. Jones, member of the Pennsylvania State Senate, was appointed by President Warren G. Harding as a member of the farm loan board authorized under the new agricultural credit legislation. Since 1907 Jones has been in the Pennsylvania Legislature, serving in the lower house in the sessions of that year, and the four subsequent terms, and in 1915 was made senator from the district, and in 1920 was re-elected for a second term. Senator Jones has well earned the sobriquet of “Good Roads” Jones in the state for his earnest and continued activity in the legislature for favorable road legislation, especially rural roads.

Susquehanna – On Thursday of last week, Richard Ranlett, age 48, a well-known Erie engineer, passed away. Friday morning, his mother, Mrs. Mary Ranlett, age 72, passed away at the family home. She had been ill from a complication of diseases for a number of weeks. The family had lived in Susquehanna for thirty years, and the double death has brought increased sorrow to many homes. Surviving are sons, George and Charles Ranlett, and a sister, Mrs. M. J Collins, all of Susquehanna.

Jackson – Jackson will have a base ball team this year. The players are already getting organized for the coming season. They will play Gelatt, May 19th. ALSO What the Odd Fellows hall needs is a lighting system. Few towns, the size of ours, have better halls. With a coat or two of paint and better lights the hall would be complete.

Lenoxville – Ridgeway & Stephens, the authorized Ford dealers of this place, are excavating for a large, modern garage, in which to house their rapidly expanding business. Lenoxville is the liveliest town, for its size, in the county having been kept prominently “on the map” by Clarence G. Stephens, who conducts a department store. The new garage building, to be erected on an imposing site, will add greatly to the appearance of the village.

Franklin Forks – The Sons of Veterans met at the Alliance Hall to reorganize. Sandwiches, cake and coffee were served to about fifty.

Brookdale – Miss Anna English, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. English, and William Sites, were married at the home of the bride, on May 1. The Rev. Mr. Evans, of Conklin, officiated. They went to Albany, NY and Massachusetts, to visit friends, before returning.

Hop Bottom – The Universalist Church is undergoing a complete renovation.

South Montrose – The South Montrose Mfg. Co., which has lately taken up the manufacture of suit hangers, has just received a large order from the Woolworth syndicate stores in New York, also the Charles Williams stores and several other big merchandising houses. The factory management hopes to increase its force in order to care for these big orders, but a housing problem is proving the chief drawback at present.

Fowler Hill, Auburn Twp. - Mrs. Calvin Woodruff took her son, Harold Devine, and little granddaughter to the Packer hospital, at Sayre, Friday. Harold has flu of the bowels, and the little granddaughter has pneumonia.

Thompson – Report is that Thompson is going to have a new central [telephone] lady, June 1st. Mrs. Myron Page will succeed Mrs. Ralph Stone, with Miss Leonard, of Jackson, as assistant.

Dimock – The four Dimock High School graduating honor students are: lst, Catherine Cronk, valedictorian; 2nd Myrtle Shelp; Alice Roberts and Mary Williams, tied for third; fourth Merle Sheen. The class is planning to take a trip to Washington directly after the high school has closed.

News Brief: The dirt road, between Harford village, South Gibson and Clifford village is in extraordinarily fine condition. The dirt road between Crystal Lake, to both Uniondale and Forest City, is also very smooth and pleasant for motorists.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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