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May 10 1912/2012

Royal, Clifford Twp. - Our base ball game last Saturday was a one sided affair, as the Carbondale team that was expected, failed to appear.

Brooklyn - Dr. F. B. Miller has a new Flanders automobile.

Flynn, Middletown Twp. - Some people think Flynn is a dull place and not much doing, but such is not the case as there was lots of things doing that the Democrat will not publish when the facts are given truthfully, only a little modified. It pays to be careful. ALSO Now let the young men that took the flagpole from the school grounds bring it back within a very few days or there will be more to it. If some of those boys parents knew the seriousness of this charge they would not take it so cool.

Hop Bottom - The Shakespeare Club presented Mrs. E. M. Tiffany with a handsome memorial volume of poems, a tribute to the memory of Mr. E. M. Tiffany, deceased. The volume is specially prized by Mrs. Tiffany, not alone for its beauty and literary worth, but for the fact that the volume is a compilation by the club members. The exquisite cover was the handiwork of Miss Lee, of Brooklyn. (Eva Lee was an artist).

Forest City - Dominick Scagello, aged about 21 years, is at Emergency hospital, Carbondale, with a bullet in his chest, near the heart, inflicted from a revolver in the hands of Anthony Pite or Betro, also of Forest City, who made his escape following the shooting. The shooting occurred about 5 o’clock last evening, on Delaware street, near the Clifford colliery. The two men were standing talking, when Pite (Betro) drew a revolver from his pocket and without warning or cause fired into Scagello’s chest. He then made his escape into the woods nearby. A large crowd of people joined in the chase after him, but were unable to locate him. Pite (Betro) is an Italian, aged about 25 years. He wore a light suit, light hat and tan shoes. The bullet has not been located and owing to the region it entered, its seriousness will not be known until after an X--ray is taken today.

Montrose - The electric light, which for many nights has hung over the entrance of the Fire Engine House, has been moved, thanks to Edward G. Foote, to the Lake Avenue corner of the Court House and thereby serving two excellent purposes, its original one and the lighting of the avenue at this point for pedestrians. Another such light in front of the school house would be as deeply appreciated by pedestrians despite the fact that it might impair and greatly discommode the trystings of Phyllis and Corydon. ALSO John Ralston reports several contracts this spring for the moving of buildings. Mr. Ralston knows how to handle them too, having had years of experience and is better equipped than ever, with a new outfit.

North Bridgewater - Dr. A. E. Hollister, who has returned from his course at the veterinary school the past year, is now prepared to receive calls. They had a phone installed in their home last week.

West Bridgewater - Quite a large crowd of young (and older) people turned out to the demonstration given in honor of the Green--Seely wedding here, the evening of May 1 and the morning of May 2. Twenty-five were present at the first organized “demonstration,” and a second bunch of 20 young people, from South Montrose, arrived later in the evening. But it was for a small band of militant suffragettes to capture the groom some time after midnight and escort him on an enforced moonlight walk, putting the finishing touch on the “chiveree.” The serenaders were all very properly provided with refreshments, which were enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. Green have been on a wedding journey to Philadelphia, Atlantic City and West Chester, PA.

Lakeside - Mrs. A. L. Shay has moved back to the farm, but Mr. Shay will still follow railroading.

Uniondale - The air is resonant with the sound of the carpet whips and the query is when will my dinner be ready? ALSO Frank Westgate is preparing to move his house across the road onto the Davis lot.

South Harford - Wedding bells were ringing here last week when Flora Parmalee, of this town, and G. Manzer, of S. Gibson, were united in marriage.

Salt Springs, Franklin Twp. - James Calvin Wheaton’s death occurred at his home Sunday evening, May 5th. He was born in Franklin township, Oct. 10, 1844, and at the age of five years the family moved to the present home at Salt Springs. Mr. Wheaton received his early education at Wyoming Seminary, paying especial attention to surveying and civil engineering, which he practiced until the past few months. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge at Montrose for 45 years. In 1882 he received the nomination for the State legislature by the Democratic party. For the past 40 years he had been justice of the peace of Franklin township and also held the office of school director. Besides his wife he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Howard Reynolds, of Factoryville, and Miss Julia Wheaton, of Pocatello, Idaho, and three sons, Philip, Arthur and Ezra, also one sister, Mrs. L. M. Kenyon of Montrose.

Friendsville - The death of Christopher O’Byrne, of Friendsville, is announced. He lived at Lakeside, near Camp Choconut, and is the father of Sister M. Rosina, whose book of poems, “Idylls of Lakeside,” have given such pleasure to Susquehanna County people.

Susquehanna - Joseph McMahon has gone west after another carload of horses. ALSO Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Westcott attended the “Red Window” at the Stone Opera House, Monday night.

Laurel Lake, Silver Lake Twp. - We are glad to have Wm. J. Rodgers with us again. He came this spring from his far western home in Wyoming and is staying with his sister, Mrs. A. L. Martin. ALSO Last Saturday morning G. C. Hill caught ten bullheads from the lake and returned home in time to help with the milking.

Birchardville - Fred W. Dayton has had a fine flock of sheep killed by dogs.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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