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May 1 1891/1991

Montrose - Several tons of lead, consigned to the Montrose Water Company, were unloaded near the Post Office on Saturday morning. AND The blue birds and the robins vie with each other these bright mornings to see which, can furnish the world with the sweetest music. A moral might be drawn from their example, but we merely suggest that you rise early and listen and apply the moral yourselves.

Susquehanna - An incident related by Chester Wright, father of Congressman Wright, goes to show the difference between the old times and the new. Chester was a young man at the time of the occurrence, and thinking that a base viol would be all Wright and harmonious in church, made his debut with the choir on Sunday morning. The minister, upon seeing the new fangled instrument, must have concluded its presence there was a desecration of the house of worship, for he refused to announce the hymns. On the following Sabbath, the members of the choir manifested their displeasure by taking seats among the congregation, and there was a genuine surprise in store for the pastor. He gave out the hymns, but the musical chords, so recently "touched" failed to respond, and there was no singing. So it would seem that it has always been necessary to deal very gently with church choirs, especially if desirous of preserving harmony.

Thompson -Chas. Brown who died in Thompson recently, was the last of the children of the late Elisha Brown, Sen. One of his brothers went to Mexico in the time of the war with this country and never has been heard from.

Birchardville - In general, fish stories do not amount to much, but we can chronicle one that does. April 23, F.H. Ball and Charles Swan, of Birchardville, left their homes at 3 AM, returning at 7 AM, being absent from home four hours, traveling four miles and back, bringing back with them 128 pounds of fine large fish of excellent quality. We understood that other parties took 1,300 pounds from the lake the day before. Who can beat that!

Rush - James Archimides Hercules Ford has undertaken the task of lifting the Odd Fellows Hall, together with the storeroom of S.B. McCain with its immense stock, some three feet above the original foundation. It is considerable of a feat, but James will accomplish it.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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