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May 01 1902/2002

Springville -  A road is to be built in Springville from Theron Stirckland's up through his fields, crossing I. A. Strickland's, Nelson Fike's and Mrs. Helen M. Root's land, taking in several stone quarries in its course, besides getting around two very hard hills. The road will be a much-needed public improvement. AND We are sorry to lose our pastor, Mr. Custard, for he was loved by all who knew him; but we hope to like the new one as well.

Montrose - Jacob Titman caught 183 bullheads at Jones Lake [Lake Montrose] the other day. AND It is unlawful to catch  more than 50 brook trout in one day. It is unlikely - except in your mind. AND A. W. Lyons bought W. A. Harrington's team of donkeys this week for use on his delivery wagon. These little animals are noted for their strength and endurance, qualities which are necessary in his business on account of the numerous customers to whom goods must be delivered. The old horse, which has faithfully served many years has been sold.

Brooklyn - 'Joe' Tewksbury, Brooklyn's pleasing tonsorial artist, has a violin which he lately made, which is favorably commented upon. We congratulate 'Joe' upon his fine success.

South Montrose - M. L. Lake was in town the other day and among other interesting things he informed us that a sheep belonging to Alvah Allen, recently gave birth to 6 lambs and that another one a short time before gave birth to 5 lambs. We think South Montrose the greatest place we ever heard of for lambs, or for yarns. But upon further consideration and well knowing the reliability of Mr. Lake and Mr. Allen, (we know nothing as to the sheep) we are satisfied the statement is correct, and that it constitutes a record of remarkable fecundity.

East Rush - Willie Yost's brother-in-law came up from Philadelphia to see him. It had been some time since Willie had seen any of his people, execpt one brother, as the aid brought him from Philadelphia when he was a small boy.

Susquehanna - Ping-pong has struck Susquehanna. AND At Erie Hose Company's Fair May 19-23, the barbers of Susquehanna, Oakland, and Lanesboro will contest for a barber's chair.

Birchardville - D. Fred Birchard was seen on our streets Monday afternoon, with what seemed at first to be a whole menagerie, but upon a closer look proved only to be 16 rats all in one trap and captured in a very short time, in his hen house.

New Milford - The Lestershire basketball team will play thte home team on Friday evening at the Opera House.

Gibson - Fire recently destroyed the farm house of the late J. Gillett, near Smiley. AND In Scranton, April 24th, occurred the death of Vinnie, wife of W.G. Conrad, formerly of this place, till their marriage 12 years ago. The husband and one daughter, Ruth, survive her. Services conducted by her pastor, Rev. Dr. Griffin, of Elm Park Church, were very largely attended at her late home on Colfax Ave., Saturday, April 26. She was the daughter of Mrs. Wm. Maxey of this place, who was with her at her death. The sad scene at the services was one we read of but seldom see. Lying in the beautiful couch casket, surrounded by flowers, was the wife , and resting in her arm, the infant daughter for whose little life she gave her own, which had opened its eyes to this earth on Thursday morning and on Saturday, closed them to this earth and returned to God. The family is prostrate with grief, but we can offer the consolation of the Heavenly Father, and the deepest sympathy of their friends here.

Brandt - E.J. Matthews, of Ssuquehanna, is building a very large vault in the Brandt cemetery for the Kessler family. It is a fine piece of work.

Clifford - T. J. Wells has purchased the Grange store building. Consideration $400. Bennett and Rivenburg have purchased of T. J. Wells the corner store building. Consideration $800.

Brookdale - L. A. Tingley shot a fish hawk, last Thursday evening, that measured over five feet from tip to tip. 

Jackson - County surveyor L. D. Benson, is connecting his residence in Jackson by telephone, with New Milford, Susquehanna, and other points in eastern Susquehanna county.

Glenwood - The Hon. G. A. Grow made a short visit in town last week, and distributed seeds in this section of the vineyard. 

Dimock - The new [horse] sheds at the Methodist church are now finished. The gentlemen who assisted in their erection deserve much credit.

News Brief - Of the ministers of the Wyoming Conference there are 42 who last year received less than $600 salary, 141 more who recieved less than $1000, twelve who got between $1000 and $1200, thirteen between $1200 and $1500, eight between $1500 and $2000, three between $2000 and $2500, and one who gets $3000 and one $4000. AND Every day during March and April, the Erie R. R. will sell tickets from Carbondale, PA to Ogden, Salt Lake City, Helena and Butte for $46. To Spokane for $46.50. To Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, for $49.00. Rates from Susquehanna are 85 cents, from Great Bend $1.15 and from Binghamton $1.55 lower than the Carbondale fares. Tickets on sale via all routes. Erie is the only road in this section running tourist sleeping cars.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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