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March 6 1891/1991

Susquehanna - It cost the borough $102.83 for electric light during the month of February. AND The rapidly melting snow on the hills last week sent great volumes of water into the valleys and filled the waterways to overflowing. Beebe's Park and the flats near Lanesboro were submerged, causing considerable damage and carrying away boats and other valuable property, and but for the timely arrival of the cold wave, which checked the rapid rise of streams, the loss of property would have been much greater.

Jackson - A farmer came near having a mishap to one of his dairy cows recently by the cow getting on to an icy place. When he saw the animal she was riding toboggan fashion on the ice and landed in the creek, as the ice reached the back of the stream. After reaching hard-bottom where there was sure footing, she soon got on her feet and although somewhat wet, was not injured by the slide.

West Lenox - The children of the Loomis Lake School are having fine times visiting each other in the evenings, pulling molasses candy and having popcorn balls; and they say they are having just a jolly time They are seeing their happiest days now. [The school term has ended].

Birchardville - On the morning of March 2 the mercury registered 6 degrees below zero at Seul Warner's.

Melrose [Harmony Twp] - Jack DeWitt, one of the oldest settlers in that vicinity, killed a large catamount while out hunting for foxes on Tuesday. This is said to be the fourth that has been killed in that region this winter.

Lanesboro - Lanesboro is bound to break up her "speak easies" or unlicensed "hotels." A man named Stewart, living near the D&H track was arrested, but upon promising to quit the business, was released. The authorities of the borough have their eyes upon other offenders.

Montrose - The death of Abel Turrell, one of our oldest citizens, occurred at his residence early on Saturday morning. Deceased was born in what is now Forest Lake in 1812, married Adelia Catlin in 1843, and was the son of Leman and Lucy Turrell, who came to Susquehanna County from Litchfield County, Conn. in 1810. He was a newspaper editor, successful druggist, and one of the organizers of the First National Bank in Montrose.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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