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March 30 1900/2000

Jackson - Harry Stockholm is the "boss" milk producer in these parts and is at present sending more milk to the Susquehanna station than any other producer in Jackson.

Susquehanna - George Sousa, a Susquehanna musician, this week joined Teet's Circus at Greenville, S.C., as a trombone soloist. AND - After a winter of sweet and unbroken peace, our brethren of the press at Susquehanna, Brother Birchard of the Transcript-Ledger and Brother Pride, of the Journal, have resumed editorial hostilities--another token of the return of spring.

Springville - And now it is a new firm -- C. E. Burdick and H. Williams will have a hardware and music store in Mrs. Bush's store building. It will be remembered that Mr. Burdick was in the music business a few years ago and sold a large number of organs and pianos through this and Wyoming counties. AND - C. W. Kilts is moving the old school building on ground near the old Hungerford stone building. He will add another story to it and reports say that B. L. Alford and Robert Willson will rent the ground floor and put in a full line of groceries.

Gibson - J. J. Potter has finished his mill and is now ready to grind your grist.

Elk Lake - Henry Gallagher, of the 7th U.S. Cavalry, who has been on duty with his regiment in Cuba, has received an honorable discharge and returned to his home here.

Howard Hill, Liberty Twp. - Mrs. J. W. Howard's Sunday school class met at her home last Saturday afternoon and organized a mission band, called "The Little Light Bearers."

South Auburn - Two of our respectable citizens were going to the Transue church on Saturday evening, March 24th. When at the top of the steep hill, near the church, the horse slipped and slid to the foot of the hill. The men staid in the wagon until they reached the level ground, when they were glad to jump out and found no serious damage had occurred to horse or wagon. But we would advise them to take their sleds like little boys next time, and save the horse and wagon until the ice had gone, or else look ahead of their horse when driving and we do not pretend to know how to drive a horse, either.

Forest City - The firemen have perfected the organization of a Volunteer Firemen's Relief Association, and will hereafter receive Forest City's share of the tax paid to the State by foreign insurance companies. AND - Our businessmen have organized a company which has as its object the establishment of a co-operative County telephone system. This has doubtless been brought about by the excessive charges now made for telephoning between Forest City and most points in the county, notably to the county seat. We see no reason why a county system should not prove a great success as a convenience and as a money saver.

New Milford - E. W. Boyle has sold his mercantile business in Hallstead to L. T. Travis of whom he purchased it several years ago. Mr. Boyle, we understand, will return to New Milford and engage in business with his father.

Harford - The name of the town Hartford, Tioga county, was changed March 5 to Hartfield, through the influence of Congressman C. F. Wright. A great deal of mail belonging to Harford people went to Hartford, causing great inconvenience and annoyance.

Montrose - The work of filling in and grading around St. Mary's new rectory began this week and a number of farmers with their teams are helping with the work.

Hallstead - considerable excitement was caused in Hallstead Monday evening by the sudden appearance of several parties from Foster. The first party had eloped with the second party's wife, and man No. 2 arrived in hot pursuit, well equipped with a pistol. The guilty party finally escaped after a backyard run. Montrose also had a case where a young man had an appointment to go to Lestershire [now Johnson City] and meet a girl, but when he got there the girl wasn't there but was presumed to have gone with another fellow. This is a queer old world.

Herrick Centre - Will Pickering has bought the Frank Lyon farm; P. A. Doyle has taken the Harding place for the season; L. Cox moves from the Harding place to the Tildon house; Henry Rought from the Truex place to the Allen farm on the North and South road and Harvey Fulkerson has moved to the house of Geo. Curtis, near town.

Thomson - W. V. Gelatt is established in the ice and market gardening business near Susquehanna.

Welsh Hill - A quiet wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harris on Thursday evening, March 29, when Miss Mary Lewis, niece of Mrs. Harris, was united in marriage to Mr. James Jenkins. Rev. Noah Bevans performed the ceremony and Thomas Morgan, of Carbondale, acted as best man, and Miss Lizzie Thomas, as bridesmaid.

Rush - An old landmark gone: The Shove house on the Wyalusing creek below the Elder Gray farm has been pulled down and carted away.

Lathrop - C. J. Rockwell has engaged to haul the butter for the West Lathrop Creamery Co. E. W. Johnson will weigh the skim milk.

Lanesboro - The Lanesboro tannery, which has been closed for a year, is to resume operations, as a sole leather tannery. Heretofore, upper leather only has been made.

NEWS BRIEF - Wayne county stands 62nd in the list of 66 Pennsylvania counties in the average salary paid female teachers, $25.60 per month. Pike is the lowest, $24.52 and Susquehanna is next to Pike with $25. Delaware pays the highest, $46.67.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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