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March 29 1890/1990

Ararat - Julius Tyler is supplying the people of Ararat and vicinity with garden seeds from the seed farm of J.O. Manson, Harford.

South Gibson - George Davis has rented a farm and will have a dairy of 18 cows. There ought to be a woman interested to insure success. It is not good for man to live alone.

Hallstead - Rev Hugh Hughes, the Baptist pastor, was pounded at his home on upper Main St., on Tuesday evening, by the members and friends of his church. All enjoyed a pleasant evening regardless of the mud.

Harford –We propose to keep on good terms with Moore’s Store.

Jackson - One of the earliest results of a licensed hotel to be the formation by the married ladies of that town, of a “Come Home Husband Club.” It is said to be about four feet long and is expected to do a very effective service. Will "Daisy" please report progress?

Susquehanna - Mr. Fred L’Amoureaux, of Binghamton, member of the American Society of Professors of Dancing, will open a half-term of dancing and deportment at Hogan’s Opera House. All the latest dances taught, including: Gaiety, Imperial Gavotte, Highland and Military Schottische, Dancing in the Barn, and others.

News BriefMiscellaneous: A St. Louis oculist assures us that the electric light induces paralysis of the eyes. . . Give us the electric glim, and we’ll take our chances.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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