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March 27 1908/2008

Herrick Centre - If some of our young men, while out sleigh riding, would pay more attention to the horse and less to the girl, it would save them the trouble of looking up their blankets, robes, cushions, etc.

Harford - The Y.P.S.E., of the Congregational church, will hold a warm sugar social at the church parlors, Friday evening. Warm sugar ten cents a dish. One of the features of the evening's entertainment will be an old fashioned spelling school."

Bunnel Hill, Auburn Twp. - Morris LaBarre died at the home of his son, John, at Sayre, March 2, aged 83. This sudden death reminds that another aged resident of Bunnel Hill has passed away, he having formerly resided there for over 50 years. He was a carpenter by trade and much of his work still stands as a monument in that place. He built the house now occupied by Marble Capwell, nearly 54 years ago, also several others since that time. He was a deacon in the Baptist church at South Auburn. One by one they are drifting away until only two of the older residents are left there on the hill and the middle aged will fill in the vacant places, until the summons comes.

Montrose - The large Turrell residence on Lake Avenue will be opened to summer visitors the coming season, making an ideal boarding place. AND Prof. J. S. Hosterman is already making preparations for the High School prize speaking contest, an annual event which always excites considerable interest locally. This year an innovation is to be introduced by allowing the young ladies to compete as well, and medals instead of cash prizes will be offered.

Heart Lake - Franz T. Mack has leased the H. E. Griffing store, picnic grounds and boating facilities at Heart Lake for the coming summer and will take charge May 1. With this is also included a large cottage for rent to parties wishing same, a barn well equipped for stabling, merry-go-round and other amusements. Mr. Mack will keep a full line of groceries, baked stuffs, candies, fruits, cigars, etc., and conduct, in conjunction with the store, the ice cream parlors and soda fountain. He is a young man with many years of experience to back him in the venture. He will make special prices to Sunday Schools wishing grounds and boats for picnic purposes and intends having everything neat, clean and up-to-date.

Kingsley - E. A. Smith has recently established an up-to-date meat market in this place, which is doing a thriving business.

Lawsville - Mrs. Earl Bailey is confined to the bed from an injury caused by her skirts catching in the brake, as she was about to alight from a wagon Sunday morning. She was thrown violently and received severe injuries.

New Milford - Miss Nina Taft, one of our most popular teachers, has entered a contest in the Binghamton Republican, by which she hopes to win a scholarship in the Syracuse University of Music.

Forest City - A boxing contest between Peter Shorunis, of local fame, and a tow headed youth named Jacobs, who hails from New York, or there-abouts, was pulled off in the Odd Fellow's Hall last evening. It consisted of six rounds. The local man saved his energies until the last two rounds and then "let drive." Altogether it was a fair specimen of amateur boxing. To give the affair a judicial look a number of the town's officials and professional men graced the audience with their presence. The game was called as a "draw."

Silver Lake - The Rose Brothers' sawmill is now running on full time.

East Rush - H. C. Estus, the oldest resident in this vicinity, is able to walk out to the store in good weather. He resides on the farm his father settled upon nearly 100 years ago. Many have been the changes in that time.

Dimock - The large Chase stone quarry has resumed work again. AND After nearly a year's trial of different preachers, Dimock has at last secured Elder Downing, of Wilkes-Barre, as pastor for the Baptist church. He will move here April 1 with his family.

Lenoxville - Sugar making and muddy roads are in order nowadays.

Welch Hill, Clifford Twp. - Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Morgan and Mr. Alfred Jones attended a cantata at Lenoxville on Saturday evening, given by Prof. Sophia's singing class.

Flynn, Middletown Twp. - The Flynn graded school closed its doors some time since. The thing now to be considered is which received the most for the time--the teacher or the pupils. As it costs the township about $18 per scholar, at our school, for six months, might as well send them to Montrose.

Hopbottom - Work began Monday in the Green and Lindsey stone quarry.

Susquehanna - The following pension claims, through the agency of R. H. Hall, have been allowed: Edgar Strain, Starrucca, re-rated from $3 to $12 per month from 1892; Horace Burchel, increase from $6 to $10; Albert Packer, original Spanish war, $6 per mo.; Andrew Slater, $6 to $12; John W. McLaud, Starrucca, $12 to $17; Frank M. Tracy, Binghamton, $10 to $24; D. G. Wooster, Oakland, $24 to $30; Ira B. Davis, $12 to $17; Melvin Larrabee, Jackson $12 to $24.

Franklin Twp. - Daniel Webster, formerly of this place, went to California a few days ago. We now learn that he has joined the U. S. Navy for four years. Quite a number of the warships are in harbor there at present.

News Briefs: Carpet Cleaning: Take half a dozen large potatoes, which will be enough for the carpet of one room, grate them and rub well with a dry rag into the carpet; then take a cloth wrung out of hot water and wipe off thoroughly and your carpet will look like new.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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