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March 18 1892/1992

Hallstead - Hallstead will have water works. The stockholders have petitioned the governor for a charter. The stockholders are W.F. Hallstead, Martin Maloney, George B. Jermyn and G.M. Hallstead, of Scranton, and Hon. James T. Dubois. There is fall enough to throw the water higher than will ever be required. Engineers will soon be at work surveying the route for the pipe laying. AND the Hallstead Fire Company will make application at April court for a charter for their organization.

Montrose - Three new mammoth Rochester lamps have been placed in the Opera House, shedding a brilliant light on all around, an improvement that was greatly needed.

Harford - B.E. Hine is the only sugar maker in Harford who will draw a bounty from the government. No other farmer has made the necessary papers out last July. The test by Mr. Fordham, of his sugar was 90. A very fine article.

Oakley - H.E. Keys, a missionary of West Virginia, will give a lecture in the school house here, March 17th, upon the Past, Present, and the Future of the Freedom of the South. Admission is 10 cents

Starrucca - A party of eleven couples from this place enjoyed a sleigh ride to Susquehanna, and took supper at the Starrucca House. They report a pleasant time with nothing to mar their happiness, except the delegation that stood staring at them while at supper. Friend Fred Wright and wife also joined the company, which added to them pleasure. Fred is a good fellow, fond of jokes, and an expert at telling stories, and they were heartily pleased with the company of himself and wife.

Little Meadows - The Little Meadows Creamery opened for business on Monday, March 14th, under the management of Rohrbasser & Garfield, as heretofore. These enterprising gentlemen are doing quite an extensive creamery business, having some half dozen or more creameries under their control.

South Auburn -Bennie Dunlap and Peter Overfield are seen on our streets once in a while with their best girls. AND Anyone in need of a haircut or a good shave should call, Bennie Carter.

Jackson - We have an almanac that was the property of the late Maj. Joel Lamb, that was published in 1825, in the time of high rates of postage and when Republican form of government was an experiment.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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