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March 16 1900/2000

Herrick Centre - There is some comfort in knowing that the coal miners here refuse to join the coal combine. This is as a cup of coal water in a sandy dessert [desert]. AND - W. H. Fletcher has charge of the principal lumbering industry of this section. He has been hauling props on wheels and had all the teams available drawing logs to the mill during the two days of sleighing.

Susquehanna - Very elaborate music will be rendered in Christ Episcopal Church on Easter Day. The choir of St. John's Catholic Church will, on that occasion, sing one of their choice Masses at the 10:30 service, in St. John's Church. AND - The "What happened to Jones" company appeared in Hogan Opera House on Saturday evening to good business.

Rush - Treasurer Godwin reports one cent in [the] township treasury since the last audit this month. AND - The new gasoline lamps lately introduced into the drug store and post office, throw kerosene light into the deep dull shade.

Hopbottom - A party of relatives of Alonzo Gardner met at his residence on the 17th inst. in honor of his 78th birthday. After partaking of an excellent dinner of roast turkey and all the delicacies of the season, the afternoon was spent in games and selections of vocal and instrumental music by Nellie and Lillie Strickland; Eva Gardner rendered a recitation.

Brooklyn - The graduating class exercises will take place in the Universalist church on Friday evening of this week. The class numbers five, viz - Harold Gere, Ernest Tiffany, Leon Stephens, Earl Ainey and Nina Nash.

Howard Hill (Liberty Twp) - The Light Bearers of the F. B. church met at Mrs. Leonard Bailey's Saturday last. The program consisted of a Bible study on "God's Pocketbook and Mine;" music, recitations, select reading and items from different countries, also a short study on Japan.

West Lenox - Melvin Empet has purchased A. W. Miles's stock of goods and will keep a general store. Mr. and Mrs. Miles have closed their house and will live with Seymour Lawrence, who recently lost his wife.

Silver Lake - A. B. Smith, of Lawsville, expects to move this week into the Silver Lake creamery, near the old factory bridge, as he has hired to run that creamery this season.

Uniondale - The snow for all winter came on Thursday, March 15. Now it is all "slosh."

Thomson - N. J. West, of Ararat, was a guest at F. M. Gelatt's Friday, March 16, being his 81st birthday anniversary.

Bridgewater - E. L. Frink has sold his farm to W. C. Cruser, taking in part payment a farm in Nebraska, belonging to Mr. Cruser, to which Mr. Frink will move and which he went out last fall to inspect before deciding to make the exchange. Mr. Frink used to live out west and liked it so well that he has never ceased to wish to get back on the prairies again. He and his family will move there at once accompanied by his son Jay and wife. Mr. Frink will have a public sale of farm stock &c. next Tuesday, March 27th.

Springville - Through the carelessness of some person Saturday eve., the switch on the Montrose R.R., here, was left open and the engine was run off the track. By use of the new telephone they were enabled to phone to Tunkhannock for another engine and to Montrose for the stage and the passengers could resume their journey.

Glenwood - The heaviest snowfall of the winter fell on the 15th and it is being improved by farmers and others hauling logs to the mill, some of the logs being too large to haul on wagons. AND - For the last few mornings it would have been a good time to lick the axe, but don't try it on any account.

Montrose - Will L. Smith will next month open a furniture and undertaking business in the store on South Main street now occupied by I. D. Hawley's plumbing and repair shop. Mr. Hawley will remove his business to the basement under Miss Stebbins' millinery establishment. AND - It is a wonderful surprise that Louis Knoll can cure sore eyes. Afflicted one, go try the drop. He keeps it at his Barber Shop.

Elk Lake - Miss Julia Arnold was calling on friends in Montrose this week. Miss Arnold leaves next week for Bridgeport, Conn., where she will enter a training school for nurses.

Forest City - Forest City's new industry, a silk mill, will be ready to start up in a few weeks. When in running order it is expected that 300 hands will be employed.

New Milford - W. A. Simons recently killed a wild cat in the woods near his home in New Milford township. Susquehanna County hunters have killed a large number of wildcats and foxes this season.

Dimock - The Warm Sugar Social given by the Y.M.E.C. on Thursday evening was a success and much enjoyed by all present.

Silvara, Bradford Co. - At Silvara two young men, Denton Beeman and Lynn James, went out hunting and the former was fatally shot by an accidental discharge of his gun. He fell and exclaimed, "I am shot! Help me home." Young James helped him a short distance when he sank down exclaiming, "I'm a goner; I am going home to God, pray for me, Lynn," and expired, with none but his young friend and his God near. Young James took off the coat, which had taken fire from the gun's discharge, closed his friend's eyes, ran for home and gave the alarm. James' stepfather and mother were in Rush at the time. The boys were 15 years of age.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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