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March 15 1895/1995

Lanesboro – “Jack” Dodge, the champion wildcat slayer of the Jefferson Branch [Erie Railroad], will remove from Starrucca to Lanesboro.

Alford – The citizens of Alford and vicinity are still excited over the two wild animals that make night hideout with their yells and cries. Their tracks are seen in the fields about Alford, but owing to the deep snow it is impossible to track them. Mr. Atkinson says they are catamounts.

Lenoxville – The sleighing is nearly gone and sugar making has begun. Where can we have the first sugar party?

Forest Lake - Tie up your cross dogs boys. AND If some of those friends that find goose eggs on scaffolds would stay on the ground floor they would fine more, (so we think).

Forest Lake Centre – F.H. Ball, the undertaker at Birchardville, attended Prof. F.A. Sullvin’s Oriental school of embalming at Scranton, PA, last week, and received a diploma. He is now prepared to embalm all cases successfully.

Springville – I wish to correct a rumor that was afloat about N.H. Sherman leaving his wife and going to Tunkhannock Wednesday afternoon and coming back on Thursday eve. I understand that some gossiper of Springville went to P.E. Brush and told him that his wife and hired girl drove him off the couch in the sitting room, and moved it into the parlor, which is pure falsehood. I have been belied about enough by gossipers since I have lived in Springville; now if the people are so interested in our affairs.

Rush Centre – The blue birds are here, singing their songs of spring.

Fairdale – The ladies have been working at the cushions for the church pews, and will have them finished in a few days.

Stevens Point – We understand that Master Wallie Campbell is be married to Miss Grace Carnegie this week.

New Milford – A thief entered the caboose of train No. 238 while it was laying on the switch at New Milford last Monday night, helped himself to the contents of the dinner pails and carried off an overcoat and a lamp.

South Bridgewater - M.B. Crisman completed the three-years course in the Philadelphia Dental College, last week, and graduated with high standing, receiving the title of Doctor of Dental Surgery. He is now at his home in South Bridgewater.

Brooklyn – The Y.P.C.U. of the Universalist Church will give a Paper-Sack-Social Wednesday evening, March 20, at A.S. Waldie’s. What is that? Come and see.

Montrose – A new industry in Montrose is that of E.P. Stebbins’ who is raising lettuce, radishes, etc. in considerable quantities in his extensive hot house.

Dundaff – Mrs. Rachael Fancher and her son and daughter, George and Carrie, have removed to Dundaff to reside, George having secured employment there.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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