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March 15 1890/1990

Birchardville - Our feathered songsters are arriving quite fast, filling the air with their melody, heralding the approach of spring. We can hardly realize that the much-dreaded winter is so near gone. We have had but very few severe cold days, so different from what our winters have been heretofore.

North Bridgewater - Andrew Fancher is to move on the old homestead to be with his father and mother in their declining years.

Lawsville Centre - The survey we believe, is completed but things are not auspicious and yet nothing hinders us from having a railroad but the opposition of those who are fighting against their own best interests. But it would require a surgical operation to get this idea into some people s head. We all know that it is the only hope of stagnant Snake Creek. If this opportunity is lost our place will be stark dead, bankrupt, insolvent; but if the road should go through then hurrah for a boom. No more butter making, there will be a milk train, no more carting farm produce from 15 to 20 miles in the mud to market. There will be swift and easy transit. There are a good many enterprising, public-spirited people here who are generously giving the right of way, with their time, their influence, and their money, while there are others who are giving nothing. Now neighbors, this is no time to be indifferent; throw selfishness to the dogs and be willing to sacrifice a few 5dres for the public good and for the benefit of those coming after us, for the more remote results are far weightier than the immediate.

Susquehanna - It is said that the Episcopalians will erect a church edifice in this place this year. The Gussie Bellwood Variety Troupe occupied the stage of the Opera House Tuesday evening. The audience was not extremely large or very enthusiastic. It is said there were many bald heads but not a woman in audience.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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