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March 13 1896/1996

Forest Lake - Dan Kane, on going to the box where his bear was confined Saturday morning, found that the box was minus the bear. Dan was alarmed to think that such an animal was at large even if he was a cub, and as there was likely hunters to be hunting foxes he did not care to give them the honor of killing a bear, so he went out around the house and found the cub's tracks, following it he went across the hill and found him in the barn at P. McMahon's. Pat had caught him early in the morning.

Great Bend /Hallstead - Many people express their surprise that Great Bend or Hallstead have no dentist. There can be no doubt that there is an excellent opening here for a first-class practitioner.

Montrose - It has again been demonstrated that the Montrose Fire Department is without adequate facilities for drying and caring for hose, after fires, and it is suggested a tower be erected for the purpose, following the fire at Mr. Stone's, Jas. F. Harrington, Foreman of No.2 and W.F.L. Hartig, worked from Wednesday afternoon till the next forenoon, continuously, to dry it.

Silver Lake - As appeared by the Democrat of last issue, some parties were much interested as to the future location of John Ryan. For the information of those parties so interested it may be stated that said John Ryan may go to Jersey as intimated or he may remain at Silver Lake; but be that as it may Mr. Ryan will attend to the matter personally, and desires no assistance from the Silver Lake correspondents.

Lenox - An excellent program, large attendance, good beans and coffee were features of the bean bake, held Feb. 28th. The G.A.R. are to be congratulated upon the success of same. Remarks by Dr. A.F. Brundage, of Harford, were listened to with great interest. He, in spite of his 75 years, grows young, while speaking to the boys. A speech by Ralph Archibald was fine. The sketches entitled, "Peleg Patience and the Book Agent" was very amusing. Singing by comrade Morgan and the choir and recitations by several others, were rendered.

Forest City- The dull coal trade has kept the collieries in this section working very poor times during the past month. They have made little more than ten days during the month of February and the outlook for March is not very radiant.

Choconut Valley - We wish to inform some of the Middletown boys that our dogs bite.

Birchardville - The carrying of daily mail from Flynn to Birchardville, commences April 1st, the contract being given to William Conboy of Flynn.

Franklin Forks - Archie Stockholm has gone to Susquehanna to work on the new electric light building.

Union Dale - Sneak thieves around. Look out for your turkeys and chickens. Rev. Tood and Norman Dimick lost some. The detectives are on their track; saw where they set down the bag to rest.

East Rush - Nearly all of the young men of this place have hired for the coming season; Harry Bertholf will work for Jacob Cronk; Will Everetts has gone to Cayuga Co., NY; Irv Very has hired to Tom James; Walter Vanoven will work near Silvara; Willie Richardson will work for Henry Lester, of Fairdale.

Susquehanna - Stetson's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" troupe held forth in Hogan Opera House on Tuesday evening, before a good-sized audience. With all of its oldness, how new that old play always is

Harford - There was a company of young people came from Carbondale to spend the evening with Mason Tingley and wife. They came on the evening train and Heber Tingley met them with a conveyance drawn by four horses decorated with 13 cowbells and 9 strings of sleigh bells. They returned on the midnight train and had a very merry time.

News Briefs: Because this is leap year is no reason why the young man with his hair parted in the middle and a cigarette in his mouth should dodge up the alleys. The new woman is not looking for him.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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