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March 1 1890/1990

Birchardville –Weather mild-grasshoppers have put in an appearance. Selden Birchard, while plowing a few days ago, saw a grasshopper on his plow beam and Ira Gregory saw a number of them a short time ago.

Brooklyn –Mr. Weston’s History of Brooklyn is in the hands of the binder, and we expect it will be pretty good.

Friendsville – On Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1890, at the Catholic Church, Friendsville, Rev. J.J. Lally officiating, occurred the marriage ceremony of Mr. P. O’Reilly, present postmaster of St. Joseph and Miss Bridgie C. Byrne, one of Choconut’s fairest daughters. After the ceremony the happy couple repaired to the home of the bride where a beautiful repast was served to a large number of guests.

Harford – G.L. Payne is preparing an exhibit for the Centennial that will prove doubly attractive. All the firearms in use for a century, ending with the beautiful Winchester rifle and the latest pocket piece will be arranged in the order of their dates. The collection will include fragments of shells, bullets, etc., picked up lately at Gettysburg, and a large percussion shell used by the batteries in the war.

Montrose – A "fire drill" was given by the scholars of the public schools on Thursday afternoon. It was ascertained that in case of fire the Academy could be cleared in one minute and forty seconds.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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