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June 5 1891/1991

Thompson - Hon. E.E. Dow and family are having a very nice time visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity. Mr. Dow left this place 14 years ago this coming fall, and went to Nebraska where he engaged in farming. Not liking the business very well he only stayed there about three years, when he sold out and went to California, where he now resides. Last fall he was elected to the State Legislature on the Republican ticket.

Rush - The following report of the history of Mr. Edgar Bolles' flock of sheep in our neighboring town of Jessup, will interest all our farmers. It is always a pleasure to your correspondent to report worthy and successful efforts in the line of improvements, whether it occurs in Rush, or across the township line. We congratulate Mr. Bolles on his methods and success. I give the report in his own words, as follows: on Tuesday the 9th inst., I sheared from my flock of 89 ewes, 543 lbs. of washed wool, an average of more than 6 lbs. per head. The same flock have 99 fine lambs. For the past 40 years I have been breeding for good mutton sheep, with single lambs with long thick wool. My ewes increase in size and weight of fleece each year. In 1850, average 3 lbs.; and 1891 average 6 lbs. This flock has been on the farm for the past 60 years, only changed by selecting the best ewe lambs, and introducing a new buck each year.

Forest City - The boundary commission appointed to locate the boundary lines between Susquehanna and Lackawanna counties is still looking for a place of beginning. Mr. Dunning, the Lackawanna County surveyor will not give an opinion as to the possibility of Forest City being in Lackawanna County, but admits that it may be so.

Susquehanna - A deputy sheriff, from Otego County, was in town Tuesday, looking for horse thieves. We have

News Briefs - A new order on the Erie prohibits newsboys from flinging books, candy packages, and other truck into the laps of passengers, and it is an order, which should have been issued long ago. The traveling public has been pestered too long by the nuisance mentioned.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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