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June 30 1922/2022

Lackawanna Trail Opening – The formal exercises in opening the great Lackawanna Trail were favored by the very fine weather; an immense crowd of people were present to participate in the opening of this great and nationally known roadway connecting the cities of Binghamton and Scranton. The exercises at Scranton, preliminary to the day, were marked by great enthusiasm. Early Wednesday morning hundreds of cars lined up on roads leading to the Trail in order to join the merry throng of paraders starting from Scranton on the trip to Binghamton. The main program of exercises were carried out at New Milford, and the citizens of this enterprising town are to be warmly commended for their work in arranging for the suitable marking of this great event.

North Jackson – On June 20 the annual reunion of the Yale school was held in the M. E. church. Nearing the noon hour about 70 had gathered from far and near in remembrance of the day. All came with well filled baskets and at noon the tables were well filled with the good things to which all did justice. During the afternoon songs, readings and recitations were listened to; also several speeches were rendered bringing back many happy reminiscences of old.

Hells Half Acre – Alexander Kowconsky and Alex Shellock, of Throop township, Lackawanna County, were caught fishing at Hells Half Acre, between South Gibson and Hop Bottom, with set lines in violation of the law, by Game Worden Geo. H. Watrous and deputy, Fred Smith, last week. They were arrested and brought to Montrose and had a hearing before Justice W. G. Comstock. Being unable to pay their fines they were committed to jail for twenty days.

Birchardville – John Flynn, one of our county’s ambitious and highly regarded young men, was calling on friends here Friday. He completed the botanical course at Pennsylvania State College this spring and speaks highly, indeed, of the educational opportunities afforded at this institution. Plans are on foot to extend the influence and scope of Penn State and it hereafter be known as a university and given a name more in keeping with the character of this splendid institution.

Fairdale – David Olmstead had a thrilling experience on his farm during the storm of a week ago. On reaching home, after a ball game, he found his fine herd of Holsteins marooned on an island in Wyalusing creek, with the water so high and swift where they were used to crossing that they could not get to the main land. He and two hired men attempted to wade to the island but had to return and remove their clothing and swim across. The herd was driven to another point where the water was not so high and a rescue effected. Another dairyman, Ed. Jones, found his cattle surrounded by water, too. His son, Earl, crossed over the stream on a foot bridge to drive the cattle over and while he was gone the bridge was washed away. Mr. Jones had to take a horse and ford the stream in order to reach his son.

Rush – Albert Hibbard informs us that Rush township will be required to spend a large sum of money to repair the roads washed away during the recent hard storms. The road from Snow’s mills, extending toward the Elk Lake stream, was eroded at places to the depth of seven or eight feet, and it is said that to repair this road alone will cost around a thousand dollars. The road is impassable and several residing in this vicinity are required to go through fields in going to the creamery, or when making shopping or other visits. It is possible that a new road will replace the one destroyed, as a new road could be more cheaply built.

Montrose – Mrs. Helena Clark Cook arrived here, Monday, and is getting Torrey Lodge in readiness for its formal opening on Saturday, July 1st. The Lodge already has some guests and many more are expected the first of July. The management is planning an especially fine dinner for the Fourth of July.

Thompson – A social was held in Keystone hall, Saturday evening, which was largely attended. The principal feature of the evening, dancing. The Scranton orchestra, under the leadership of Roy French. ALSO Mrs. Margaret Lodge is in town and intends to follow dressmaking. As there is such a demand for that kind of help and so few to respond to the call, we thought many would be interested.

Uniondale – For the 18th successive season, John Hughes, of Scranton, is stopping at Lewis Lake. His father, Prof. James Hughes, was the first to erect a cottage at the lake 17 years ago, and the family has spent each heated season there since. John graduated from State College last week.

Forest City – Miss Agnes Kelleher sails on the “Esperanza,” from New York, for an extended trip to Havana, the Bahamas and the City of Mexico. She expects to return about the first of September to resume her duties as a teacher in the New York public schools.

News Brief: Thomas A. Edison, who established his first successful electric light plant at Sunbury, Pa., is to help the town celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Sunbury. There is to be a four-day celebration commencing July 1 next.

Bits of news from “201 Years Ago” from the Susquehanna County Herald, June 30, 1821.

(Went back 201 years for news since the 1822 newspapers in our collection ended June 23.)

*INDEPEDENCE. The Fourth of July will be celebrated in this village. An Oration will be delivered at the Court-house. The procession will be formed in the public avenue at 11 o’clock. The citizens of the County are respectfully invited to attend. DAVID POST, A. H. READ, WM. JESSUP, Committee of Arrangements.

*NOTICE. A PERSON competent to teach the Latin and Greek Languages, the higher branches of Mathematics, English Grammar, Geography & c. is wanted, to take charge of the Susquehanna Academy as principal teacher thereof. Application to be made to D. Dimock, Esq. President of the Board of Trustees, at Montrose. By Order of the Board of Trustees. WILLIAM JESSUP, Sec.

*NOTICE. The members of the Susquehanna TROOP are commanded to meet at D. Curtis’s Inn, Montrose, on Saturday the last day of the present month. By order of the Commanding Officers. T. T. FOOT, Sergt.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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