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June 3 1892/1992

New Milford- The New York and Pennsylvania Telephone Co. has abandoned their lines running from New Milford to Montrose, and from the latter place to Alford, Hop Bottom and Brooklyn, and the wire has been taken down. New Milford, however, still has telephone connection but in order to reach the county seat is obliged to go way around by Binghamton and Owego. The reason for the abandonment of the line as stated above, is that it did not pay.

Forest City - Clintonville, which is just below Forest City, and which a person might, without any stretch of the imagination, say it was a part of our town, is one of the nicest building localities in this section of the state, and the way the edifices are springing up there is surprising. It is but a very short time ago since there was not a building on the whole tact, but when the D&H put up their big breaker, laid out streets and commenced to sell lots, houses began to go up rapidly, and now the village presents a most thriving appearance. Already there is a good hotel built and run by J.J Lavin, and a general store owned and operated by H.D. Mitchell, a former Forest City businessman. In view of the splendid building sites, the opening up of the Richmond mines, and the work being done by the & at that place, the growth of our annex on the south is sure to be very great in the next two or three years the inhabitants have an excellent school building, and are now asking that Clintonville be made a station on the Jefferson branch and that a post office be established there.

Jackson - A serious and almost fatal affair transpired at Geo. Gelatt’s. Mrs. was coloring carpet rags with Diamond dyes. When it was time to get dinner the kettle was set on the back of the stove and her mother, Mrs. Williams, proceeded to prepare that meal. She put the meat on a plate and sat it on the stove shelf for a few minutes before taking it to the table. Five persons partook of the dinner, two of whom ate no meat. About 3 o'clock the three who ate the meat were taken sick. Mr. Gelatt was deathly sick, until 7 o'clock when the doctor succeeded in relieving him. The house dog was also given a piece of the meat and he too was taken sick, showing conclusively that it [the meat] had absorbed enough of the poisonous dyes to make all that ate of it sick. This is a warning to all housewives, not to cook on a stove or in a room where these dyes are steaming.

West Brooklyn - West Brooklyn has one place where the rowdies assembly, night and day, to drink old cider. Some go the roads, while others prefer going across lots.

Susquehanna - The Susquehanna Ledger says: The new automatic tollgate, which has been placed in position on the Oakland bridge, is the invention of Ex-Sheriff B.K McKune and works like a charm. AND the new steam launch, “The Pride," made its trial trip Monday, going up the river from Lanesboro to Windsor and return.

Richardson Mill- Report says that Theo. Crawford will soon be riding in a new carriage. Girls, put on your sweetest smiles, for as there are so many new carriages in the place, some of you will be apt to be given the opportunity to let tour hat streamers fly with the breeze.

Birchardville - Decoration Day was fittingly observed at Birchardville. Although the rain came down in copious showers there was quite a number that braved the storm and were here. Bissell Post, from Grangerville, was quite well represented, and others in this vicinity remembered the brave soldiers who left home ld and loved ones to fight for the union very many never to return. It is fitting to remember this day as set apart by the planting of flags on their graves, and otherwise decorating with flowers their silent resting places, in the silent city of the dead. Soon the clouds cleared and the on beautiful sun shone forth to make beautiful the remainder of Decoration Day for 1892.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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