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June 28 1894/1994

Auburn Corners - Farmers, many of you are now dreading the near coming haying. Now don’t do it, when about $20 investment with Ed Bailey, or some other good man, for one of those life saving hay carriers will just make a pleasant job of it. This they know from experience.

Susquehanna - Lightning seems to perform stranger freaks than ever, this year. During a recent hard shower, several employees of the Erie offices at this place were severely shocked by the near passage of the electric food. Persons outside the building said that it seemed as though a big ball of fire struck the roof of the building and bounded off. Excitement was at its full height for a while.

Franklin Forks - Dr. Caterson rides a new bicycle these days.

Jessup - L.S. Backus, agent for the Climax Washing Machine, informs us that there are now 153 of these useful articles in use in Jessup and Auburn townships.

Montrose - A very unique collection of old shoes is displayed in the show window at the Corner Store of Stoddard & Watrous. One pair is labeled "Went through homestead Strike"; a second pair is labeled "Worn by Giteau when hung." A third pair, out at the toes and covered with mud, bear the inscription "Worn by Gen. Sherman at the Battle of Shiloh." The fourth and last is a pair of old mud scowl, about six inches across the bottom and some twelve or fourteen inches long. The label informs you that they are "Grover Cleveland’s Best." Dana Watrous, the thirteen-year-old son of G.H. Watrous is the artist who arranged this unique exhibition.

Rush - The Postmaster, Hugh Mulligan has put in a barbers chair in the post office, where he manipulates the tools of the tonsorial artist in great shape. Quite a convenience by the way and is patronized. AND A sneak thief stole a horse, buggy and harness, a milk pail and oats out of John Grangers barn on Saturday night Constable U. Kinney started in pursuit, but without success. A bold and daring robbery.

Brandt - (Brant) Brant’s is abloom. The clay producing company’s plant is working all departments of its business on full time and the chair factory is being operated at its greatest capacity.

Great Bend - The bicycle club of Great Bend talk of a run to Scranton on July 4th.

Gunn Hill - Young men when you go to church, don’t use your tobacco and don’t give it to little boys to chew.

Herrick Centre - P.H. Flynn has got a new vehicle called a surrey. Paid $200 besides the expense of going to Binghamton, accompanied by the popular agent, Arthur Barnes, of Herrick, to the large establishment of Sturtevant and Larabee where they found a full assortment of wagons to select, and we congratulate friend Flynn upon his noble choice as well as the parties that made the carriage. Now we think it would be just the thing to do for Mr. Flynn to assist Mrs. Flynn to a seat by his side for a nice drive, and we understand that is just what he is going to do, take his wife to Pleasant Mt. to a 40hour devotional meeting; that’s right for she is the one that takes pride in arranging hotel tables with all the delicacies of the season, so that the many patrons of the hotel go away satisfied and return again in due time.

Montrose - Montrose Democrat, Friday, June 29,1894. As June is now drawing to a close has averaged the hottest in nineteen years, not only in this region, but all over the United States.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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