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June 27 1890/1990

Montrose - E.C. Sherman of this place, whose "Vine Supporters" for tomatoes meet a long felt want, is inventor of a game of "Parlor Quoits” which is not only novel but very interesting and entertaining. He has the necessary facilities for its manufacture, and when introduced we bespeak for "Parlor Quoits” universal popularity and a large sale. AND Do not throw waste paper in our streets. It litters up our thorofares, besides the flying pieces frighten many horses. A better plan would to deposit them in the stove and burn them up. AND You will not regret your decision to come to Montrose on the Fourth of July. The attractions of the grand fashioned celebration will many and the reasons why you should stay at home or go elsewhere on that glorious day are few.

Gibson - Mr. Knapp has moved into our place with his photograph gallery. They say he is a good artist.

Harford - Our artist F.N. Knapp folded his tent and bade us good-bye. Success to him in his new field.

Ararat - Our farmers are commencing haying, with good prospero of well-filled barns. AND George Lake and Jennie Jenkins have embarked on the sea of matrimony.

Susquehanna - There is only one person connected with the school in Susquehanna who gets more than $35 per month, except the principal. This lucky individual is the janitor and his salary is $40 per month.

Clifford - Soon the woods around Newton Lake will resound with the melodious voice of comrade George Simpson, as he sings his favorite song, “A Life On The Ocean Wave,” which he enjoys every season. George, we will pay you a visit.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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