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June 26 1896/1996

Brandt - The American chair factory has shut down for six weeks.

Oakland - Mr. Jonathan Hazard of Denver, Colorado, is visiting friends here and looking over ruins of other days. Among other places the old McKune house, the early home of Joseph Smith, the Mormon, also the cemetery where a child of said Smith is buried, taking the inscription on the stone (a common little brown one) also the father-in-law of John Isaac Hale, the hunter, as it says on the stone.

Lawsville - The funeral of Russell S. Luce was held at his home, June 17th, at 10 o'clock. It was one of the largest funerals held here in many years, the procession containing over 70 carriages. Mr. Luce was a man held in high esteem by his neighbors and friends.

Forest City- A conclave of the Improved Order of Heptasophs was instituted this week. AND Dedicatory services will take place at the new Presbyterian Church today. There will be morning, evening and afternoon services.

South Gibson - There was a large attendance at the social held at C.H. Goodwill's, June 17th. The Montrose Band was present and furnished music. The house and lawn presented a very pretty picture, being tastefully decorated with bunting, flags, lamps and Japanese lanterns. Receipts, $28.

Harford - S.E. Tiffany is building a mill at Kingsley that is 24 x 50 feet and is two stories high with a 30 horsepower engine, purchased in Scranton. W.H. Wilmarth is doing the work, assisted by Will Gow. AND The strains of the Gibson Cornet Band and that of the Soldier's Orphan School, are borne by the breezes to please listeners among dwellers on the hills these pleasant evenings.

Glenwood - A bicycle built for two passed through this place Sunday.

Lynn - Cattle, sheep and colts running at large are annoying 10 neighbors.

Lathrop - There were several runaways in this place last week. The horses of Elmer Johnson, Dyer Williams and Mason Decker all ran away. No one was hurt.

Oakland [Oak Hill] - One of the great desires of Claud Blessing's life was gratified last Sunday morning as he was strolling in the fields, when he found and killed a rattlesnake three feet and eight inches long, with nine rattles on it.

Heart Lake - The season at Heart Lake will be opened with a dance on Friday evening, July 3d. A general invitation is extended 10 all who wish to trip the light fantastic. Good music will be provided; lunch and ice cream will be served.

Forest Lake - Mrs. Will McKeeby visited at Samuel McKeeby's June 20th. He also had a pear tree that blossomed in the spring and is blossomed now, and has pears on it measuring 5 inches around. Has corn 33 inches high just as it stands in the field, and by straightening leaves up, 44 inches; also new potatoes for supper. Who next?

Herrick Centre - Dr. A.L. Craft has his barn completed and the foundation laid for his house.

Gibson - A young man named Aldrich, of Alford, a graduate of the Mansfield State Normal School, has been engaged to teach the graded school. He will be assisted by Miss Grace Harding.

Lenox - There will be a dance held in Freeman Manner's Grove in Lenox, two miles below South Gibson, Tuesday evening, June 30; ice cream and cake will be served. All come and have a good time.

Great Bend - S.B. Vanness and wife have returned from the vicinity of Philadelphia where they have been visiting friends. They made the trip mainly on bicycles and were gone about three weeks.

New Milford - A fire broke out in the home of Jesse Vailes. The tannery whistle called many to witness the scene and the hose company responded in time to put the hose back in the room. No serious damage.

Susquehanna County - Marriage Licenses Granted: L.G. Burgess and Mary Neal, both of Auburn: Amos C. Potter of Thomson, and Julia A.B. Pelton of Harmony township; Nicholas D. Hickey of Syracuse, NY and Margaret Fitzgerald of Susquehanna; G.W. Thomas of Springville, and Mrs. Eva Stone of Brooklyn; Arthur Lewis of New Milford, and Candace Davis of Hopbottom; Arthur Hill and May Salsbury, both of Syracuse, NY.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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