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June 24 1904/2004

Dimock - There is to be a fish-pond social at the Clubroom Saturday evening, June 25th; the ladies to bring lunch for two; only 10 cents a box--and you have a chance to eat it with somebody's best girl! Everybody welcome. Proceeds to be used in purchasing books for the public library.

Elk Lake - S. A. Young recently completed one of the handsomest cottages around the lake for G. A. Fuller, of Scranton. It is very artistically painted with a brown body, roof and lattice green and trimmed in white and making a very showy appearance, all showing Mr. Young's good workmanship. Mr. Young is now building an automobile barn for Norman Stuart.

Ararat - Jennie Bullard, aged about10 years, was kicked by a horse last Friday and was seriously hurt, her lower jaw being broken so badly that a portion of the bone had to be removed.

New Milford - The Dr. Clements' Home Remedy Company is a new institution for New Milford. It is what the name implies, a company organized to manufacture remedies for the ills of the human family. The remedies are put up from prescriptions used by Dr. Clements in his practice covering a period of 17 years in New York, and cannot be classed with many of the nostrums flooding the markets with nothing behind them excepting the force of expert advertising.

Brooklyn - The 100th anniversary of the M. E. church of this place was observed here on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The event was right royally observed, there being present a large number of ministers of the Binghamton district, besides several former pastors of the church. The meetings were largely attended and the enthusiasm of the occasion was marked throughout. The centennial addresses were appropriate and eloquent tributes to the century of Methodism. Rev. J. B. Sumner, pastor of the church, wrote and put to music the Centennial Hymn, which he also sung. Mrs. George Sterling's historical paper was well received, it being in every way unique and interesting.

Susquehanna - The graduating class of Laurel Hill Academy, alphabetically arranged, is as follows: Messrs. John Gilpatrick, Henry Houlihan, John King, Arthur MacQueen, Wm. Ryan and Frank Zellar; and Misses Camilla Baldwin, Anna Brennan, Esther Griffin, Mary Horrigan, Mary Kendrick, Clara O'Connell, Katharyn Shanley and Anna Whitney.

Great Bend - Mr. Park, of Scranton, has purchased the S. B. VanNess residence, he being the new proprietor of the chamois tannery in this place, and takes possession the first of July. There are a number of families coming from Brandt to this place to work in the chamois tannery, which is to be run by a larger force of men. AND E.E.G., of Gelatt, Susquehanna Co., PA, advertises in the Great Bend Plaindealer that he would like to correspond with a young lady or widow--object matrimony. Says he has a good character, no bad habits, and owns a good farm.

Springville - George Lake drives as fine a team as one might wish to ride after. George is a lover of good horses.

Lawsville - A meeting was held here Tuesday and it was decided to build a Catholic church on their lot purchased some time ago, of Otis Chaffee.

Rush - M. B. Perrigo's spacious barn was struck by lightening during Tuesday's shower. The barn, containing one horse, two wagons and farming implements was burned and three wagons were saved at the risk of life. Loss partly covered by insurance.

Jackson - Nathan Guile, the oldest man in Jackson, died June 15, aged nearly 90 years. He formerly lived in Harford, working at the blacksmith trade, but came to Jackson some years ago. The funeral, conducted by Rev. P. R. Tower of Thompson, was from the Universalist church, Gibson, on Friday last.

Laurel Lake - In Franklin Forks on Saturday afternoon the Laurel Lake team defeated the home team, 10-26.

Harford - George Leonard and wife of Kansas, are visiting friends here. AND Eugene Osmun and Miss Alice Matthews of Sayre, were married at the home of the bride, Wednesday, June 15. They will reside with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Osmun.

Loomis Lake - Mr. Smith and family and Mr. and Mrs. Kellum are living at the cottages now. Mr. Casey and family will be here in a few days. A road will be built to the cottages on the east side of the lake.

Heart Lake - Sherman Griffing has started the foundation for his new house, to be built on the west side of the Lake.

Glenwood - Warrants were issued for the 3 young lads who have been stoning houses and breaking windows and the case was settled by the boys' fathers. This will be a lesson which they will long remember.

Flynn, Middletown Twp. - Edward Doherty, who with his parents immigrated to Michigan from here some 50 years ago, has been spending the past few weeks with his friends here.

Auburn Twp. - In the recent hailstorm that passed through Auburn, T. F. Kellogg had his entire crop of oats, rye and corn totally destroyed, while the meadows and pastures were badly damaged. Five days after the storm deposits of ice 9" thick could be found along some of his fences.

Montrose - The employees of the cutglass factory have received orders to work five and one-half days a week, which will probably be continued until fall when full time will be resumed. AND The person finding a pair of leather cuffs used by automobilists will confer a favor by returning them to H. L. Beach.

Forest City - Forest City is to have another new church. B. J. Bussman, of Hancock, NY, has been given the contract to construct a house of worship for St. Joseph's Catholic congregation for $10,500. It is to be constructed of brick and native stone and will be ready for dedication on December 15.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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