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June 23 1905/2005

Thomson - Linn Spencer is making it very enjoyable for a couple of ladies, probably cousins, his sisters are entertaining these days, by giving them an automobile ride each evening. Linn is a good driver and one rides quite securely when they ride with him. Then, his auto is a fine one--the only one around town.

Brooklyn - The Dr. Chamberlain residence and Odd Fellows' Hall will be raised several inches above the present foundations. The house is to be remodeled and the hall to be newly painted and some important improvements be made.

Kingsley - A gang of Western Union Telegraph men are making changes and improvements in the telegraph service at Kingsley station, putting in new wire and cable.

South Montrose - Jerome Shannon has been appointed foreman at the Ballentine farms, taking charge on Monday. Mr. Ballentine is to be congratulated in securing Mr. Shannon for the position.

Silver Lake - Rev. and Mrs. J. Russell arrived at Shelden Croft Tuesday, having come from New York in their automobile, making the trip in four days, though hindered some by heavy rains.

Forest City - The Star drum corps, after paying all bills realized $125 by their recent picnic and the boys feel very proud of their accomplishment and grateful to the public who helped them to such in gratifying success. AND An entertainment presenting the "Life of Christ" with a cameragraph, the latest and most approved moving picture machine, will be given in the opera house on Sunday evening for the benefit of St. Joseph's church. There will be a musical program in connection with the picture exhibit.

Montrose - A party in a big 40-horse Pierce touring car, comprising Norman Stewart, formerly of Montrose, owner of the machine and three friends, passed through Montgomery, NY. Monday evening. They left Buffalo Monday morning at 7 o'clock, on an endurance run, to Boston, going along the Lackawanna railroad to Scranton, across the mountains to Stroudsburg, Port Jervis, Middletown, Goshen, and from here went to Newburg, making a detour to Walden to escape the slate on the turnpike, then to Albany, which they expected to reach at one o'clock Tuesday morning, across to Springfield, to Boston, returning by way of Providence, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, to Scranton and back to Buffalo. Judging from the way in which they came into the village and the way the car ran when they went out of town, they evidently would make the trip in record time, if they were not arrested somewhere for exceeding the speed limit.

Springville - Nearly a carload of butter is shopped by express from Springville each week. It comes from creameries located at Elk Lake, Auburn, Auburn Center and Jersey Hill.

Susquehanna - James F. Houlihan, of Susquehanna, who has many acquaintances in the vicinity, was ordained a priest by Rt. Rev. M. J. Hoban, D. D., in St. Peter's Cathedral in Scranton, last Saturday. Fr. Houlihan is a graduate of St. Joseph's Seminary, Dimwoodie, NY, and is an accomplished pianist.

Lawsville - W.S. Drake, the efficient and obliging manager of the creamery, although badly afflicted with rheumatism, is attending to his duties just the same, being at the creamery at 2:30 in the morning. How's that for an early riser? AND G. C. Shafer, S.E. Osborne and T. B. Hewitt, have organized an Athletic Camp at Tripp Lake, near Lawsville, similar to Mr. Mulford's Camp Choconut, which will open Thursday, June 29, and close September 1st. They already have 12 boys for the season, and no doubt will have more later. They have rented the Moran and Campbell farms consisting of 270 acres, bordering on the lake, a splendid place for canoeing, swimming, fishing, etc.; also a base ball field, tennis court, golf links and croquet grounds. The farm house and other buildings have been repaired, making very comfortable quarters for work of this kind.

Glenwood - 100 in the shade Thursday; 98 on Friday with Saturday and Sunday about the same. No complaint now of cold weather giving the corn a set-back.

Heart Lake - Eugene Whitney and Will Smith have just completed a new dock for the Goldsmith cottage. Messer's Whitney and Smith are in great demand these days having several carpenter jobs on hand.

Franklin Forks - F. M. Pierson, the wagon maker and painter, is busy these days. Mr. Pierson is a painstaking and obliging workman. AND John Dillon is fitting up his blacksmith shop in an up-to-date manner, and when completed will be one of the neatest and handiest shops in the county.

Forest Lake - Fred Maynard is driving stage from Friendsville to Montrose. AND Mrs. Jane Vaughn, widow of Calvin B. Griffis, died at her home at Hancock [NY] on June 10. She was born at Forest Lake, this county, 83 years ago, married Mr. Griffis at Montrose in 1844, and he died in 1900. She was the last survivor of the 13 charter members of the Hancock Baptist church.

Gibson - The Band Festival held Friday evening was a success. The Kingsley Band was present and rendered many fine selections.

Auburn - The 2nd annual reunion of the descendants of David and Tirzah Bushnell was held at the home of R. M. Bushnell, June 15. Relatives came from Scranton, Sayre, Binghamton, Bradford county, Montrose and Springville.

News Brief: Men who wear collars, which resemble a whitewashed length of stove pipe, will not be in style again very soon. The low and comfortable collar is now coming forward.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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