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June 21 1895/1995

Dimock – Mrs. Cope, of Philadelphia, returned to her summer home Tuesday.

Susquehanna – The Susquehanna Band gave an enjoyable midsummer night’s concert from the Cascade House pagoda on Monday evening. During the season the concerts will be given alternatively from the Exchange Street and Cascade House pagodas. AND it is quite probable that Susquehanna will this year celebrate the “ever-glorious” by default. There will, however, be a celebration in Taylor’s Grove, Lanesboro, the programme including a steamer ride, balloon ascension, merry-go-round, games, fireworks, etc.

Heart Lake – The dance platform at Heart Lake will be enlarged and a new floor laid, previous to the Fourth of July – and improvement that will be greatly appreciated by those who “trip the light, fantastic toe” at the Band boys celebration there on that day.

North Jackson – Prof. H.B. Larrabee of Creston, Iowa, a former resident of North Jackson, but the last ten years City superintendent of schools of Creston, was recently elected Principal of the Northwestern Normal School, one of the educational institutions of Missouri.

Middletown – A social dancing party was given at the house of George Davis in Middletown, on Monday evening June the 10th. Several of the young people in this vicinity attended.

East Lenox – Mrs. R.J. Allen gives us the following as the profits of one cow last season. In March, she purchased a cow and calf for $25. During the season she sold $60 worth of veal calves, $16 worth of butter, and in the fall sold the old cow for $21.

Springville – C.H. Kilts has a fine line of hardware. Stephen Tuttle a fine line of furniture and undertaking; and Springville supports two stores, two millinery and fancy stores, two blacksmith shops, two churches, one dyeing establishment, two butcher shops and ice cream parlors, one shoe shop, one hotel, two wagon shops, two dress making shops, four physicians and there will be a strawberry and ice cream festival on L.H. Bushnell’s lawn, on Saturday evening, June 22, for the benefit of the Presbyterian Church.

South Montrose – Thos. Calby, ag’t for fruit trees, and other nursery stock is canvassing in Bradford Co.

West Lenox – The thunderstorm of June 12th was very severe in this section; lightning, beside striking and killing Barney Gardner’s team, also electrocuted a horse for Byron McDonald, Ed Gardner, the young man injured, is still in a precarious condition and doubts of his recovery are entertained by his friends.

Jackson – Those present report an excellent dinner served by Mrs. Frank Holmes, at the barn raising. Wolf Road (Middletown) – Some of the boys are getting so enlightened of late that they shoe the horses with kid shoes.

South Auburn – If you want your dress to look nice for the Fourth of July call on Mrs. James P. Gay.

Montrose – At F.D. Morris & Co.’s Central Drug Store there has been a continual rush, so to speak, by persons wishing to enjoy their superior soda water, and other delightful summer drinks. We suspect the quality of the drinks is what brings them back so often. And to those who do not care for even the best soda, we have been serving a delicious “lemonade” of lemon and oranges scientifically mixed. It can’t be beat. Call and see. Absolutely pure water used. AND At A.B. Burns’ Drug Store, true fruit soda and Whitman’s candy – fresh every week.

Silver Lake – Rose Bros., of Silver Lake, have a new 15 horse-power

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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