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June 20 1890/1990

Montrose - On the Fourth of July let your objective point be Montrose, where there will be a grand old-fashioned celebration, with all the necessary action to render the day enjoyable. A first prize of five dollars will be offered to the best-mounted representation in the fantastic parade from any borough or township outside of Montrose. The company to consist of at least ten mounted men.

Brandt - An Italian workman on the Jefferson division of the Erie Railroad, was bite by a rattlesnake. His comrades poured a pint of whiskey down him, gave him a bath in hot water, followed by another pint of whiskey and next day he was good as new. Pennsylvania whiskey will knock rattlesnake poison silly every time.

Rush - Asa Hickok attended the reunion of his regiment, the 9th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, at Wilkes-Barre, on the 12th. Comrade Hickok served with this regiment during the war and participated in all the stirring scenes in which the army of the Tennessee took part from Kentucky, Atlanta and Savannah. This was the first time he had met with the regiment since the close of the war, and his feelings may be more easily imagined than descried, as he took his old comrades by the hand. They had a royal time, the citizens of Wilkes-Barre, enacting the hospitable host to the veterans.

Lanesboro - The Keystone Hook and Ladder Co., accompanied by Lanesboro coronet band, called upon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maloney at their home on Monday evening. Mr. Mulroney is a member of the company and was married the previous evening and this was therefore a congratulatory visit.

News Brief - Miscellaneous: June brings bugs, summer boarders, and ice cream. This is the season for snake stories. It is said that the Hon. Samuel Falkenbury while on the road from Great Bend to Susquehanna on Tuesday, killed a rattlesnake that measured three feet in length; that E.M. Gage, of Hallstead, lately killed a black snake four feet, three inches in length; that Jerry Osterhout killed one five feet in length and that Jas. Chalker, of Brookdale, recently broke the record by killing one of the same species that measured seven and one-half feet in length.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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