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June 19 1896/1996

Lanesboro - Mrs. G.F.C. Smillie of Washington, D.C. is numbered with the city boarders at Mrs. F.A. Lyons. Mr. Smillie is chief engraver at the Engraving and Printing office in Washington. He is now at work on the five and two dollar notes which are to be issued the first of July next.

Susquehanna - There are about 425 cases of measles in town but it is thought that the epidemic is abating. Laurel Hill Academy, St. John's Parochial school and the primary departments of the Graded Schools were closed. The commencement Exercises of Laurel Hill Academy have been postponed indefinitely.

Montrose - Cyclers can now have no excuse for riding soft tires. Another arrangement for the benefit of bike riders has just been put in at Morris' drug store, which is nothing more or less than a supply of "wind" for inflating tires. Couplings to fit all styles of wheels have been placed at the front of the store, and the cyclist with deflated tires can attach the coupling, turn on the facet, and have the tires properly inflated in a trice from a tank of compressed air inside the store. "And it's all as free as the air you breathe."

Great Bend - Friday last, the saw mill of John Fortner, situated just outside Great Bend borough, was destroyed by fire, together with about 20,000 shingles. By dint of hard work the machinery and remainder of the lumber was saved. While attempting to save some of the contents of the building, John Fortner was badly injured. His hat was burned off his head, his hair and moustache scorched off, and his head and face so badly burned that he cannot see. He was put under the doctor’s care and it is thought will soon recover.

Auburn Centre- Auburn Centre is a beautiful little town in the Southern part of Susquehanna Co. It consists of one store, a Methodist church, two blacksmith shops, two wheelwright shops, one Doctor Harrison, one school house, one agent for silk and readymade clothing, wagons and harnesses and all kinds of silver, etc., ten residences, and is the terminus of the Auburn stage; and we are without a saloon and are glad of it.

Harford - We saw onions as large as half dollars; pea pods 3-inches long, tomatoes as large as the end of your finger, and new potatoes as large as butternuts in the market garden of Sophia.

Rush - Fay Duel has returned from New York disenchanted with it, and goes back to work on the farm contentedly. AND Fourth of July outfits of lap dusters, fly nets, whips, and dandy harness at very low prices at Overton’s, the harness maker's.

Lenox - Dr. Eno. S. Wheeler and E.D. Bell have purchased the Loomis Lake of Elmer Tower for the sum of $300.

Union Dale - The Star Ball Club defeated the Alumni Club of Forest City, on Saturday last. Score 6 to 2. AND O.T. Rounds, the path master, is at work on the road and he is the right man in the right place. Never have our roads had such a thorough working as this year.

Ararat - Miss Jennie Barnes, of Ararat and Robert Wood, of Susquehanna, were married on Wednesday, of last week.

Brookdale - Mrs. Lucy Adams recently shot and killed a black snake six feet long, that had climbed a tree and was robbing a robbin's nest near her home.

Springville - W.P. Tyler is on the warpath and says that somebody's dogs will suffer if he can catch them. Two of his sheep were killed and two others as good as dead the result of a visit from dogs. George Stevens also had several killed recently by the worthless curs. Some of them will suffer if neighbor Tyler gets a squint on them.

Glenwood - Quite a number of our people attended Pomona Grange at Harford, June 3rd, among whom were D.N. Hardy and wife, C.W. Hoppe and wife, W.W. Hardy and wife and Byron McDanolds and wife.

Herrick Centre - Barnes' School commenced Monday with Miss Edith Curds as teacher.

Susquehanna County– Marriage Licenses Granted: The following are the couples who have recently secured marriage licenses at the Recorder's office: Dyer Williams, Lathrop and Mary L. Quick, Nicholson; Myrton A. Bronson, Cascade Valley, NY and Jennie A. Neely, Harmony twp.; Orin W. Patrick, Lanesboro and Lucy a Neely, Greene, NY; Valentine Miller, Jersey City, NJ and Rose Kiefer, Susquehanna; John Foley, Susquehanna and Anna Batch, Susquehanna; Wm. Flynn, Middletown and Mary T. Murphy, Forest Lake; Wm. Lewis, New Milford and Lena Sherwood, Franklin twp.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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