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June 18 1897/1997

Montrose – Henry Smith has moved his barber shop from the post office corner to room under store of D.V. Gardiner, where he will be pleased to see all his old customers and new ones as well

Birchardville – The ever glorious Independence Day is to be fittingly observed at Birchardville, Saturday, July 3rd, under the auspices of and for the benefit of the Birchardville Cornet Band. Among the events will be a grand "fantastic" parade at 10:30 am, an elaborate dinner and ice cream, horse race, foot race, bicycle race and potato race, for each of which prizes will be given. A gold watch will be given away and there will also be a grand gramophone exhibition. AND The long distance bicycle rider, Lawson, who, with nine others, started from San Francisco, May 1st, at 6:30 o'clock, a.m. for a spin of 6,000 miles to Bar Harbor, Me, for a purse of $5000, passed through Birchardville last Sunday. Lawson had then covered 4600 miles, his nearest competitor being 450 miles behind him. The greatest run made by Lawson in any one-day this far was 143 miles. Four years ago in a race from San Francisco to New York, Lawson won by 30 minutes.

Mansfield – Susquehanna County was thrice honored at the Commencement exercises of the State Normal School at Mansfield this week. Miss Louise Watrous, daughter of Giles Watrous of Bridgewater, was awarded the first prize for scholarship [$50], and Miss Nellie Hillis, daughter of J.S. Hillis of Rush, was awarded second prize [620]. Both of these young ladies are recent graduates of Montrose High School. Prof. Benton E. James of Montrose delivered the address before the Mansfield Alumni Association on Wednesday.

Forest City – It is reported that there will be thirteen days of work at the Hillside collieries this month and that next month more time may be expected. This is welcome news for Forest City if there is any foundation for it.

South Auburn – The cornerstone of the M.P. church at Transue Valley was laid on Saturday, June 12 will appropriate services.

Royal – John Bennett picked and shipped the first strawberries of the season.

Brooklyn – C.H. Tiffany is building a carp pond and proposes to furnish in the course of two or three years all of his friends will all the fish they need, without money and without price. We will all be Charley's friends when that time comes. AND So far we have had but little sweaty weather. A good fire and a winter overcoat are still needed.

Silver Lake – The roads are being very much improved by our Supervisor, M. F. Gannon.

Rush – The enthusiastic Ball "cranks" of this place and vicinity raised their voices on Thursday evening last and called a meeting at Hibbard's Hall for the purpose of organizing a strong team. Twelve good men were selected to struggle and maintain their reputations on the diamond this season.

Lathrop – E.J. Saunders' six Pekin ducks have laid up to date 474 eggs this season.

Hop Bottom – There will be an ice cream social at the house of Mrs. B. A. Hilton, on Friday evening, June 18, for the benefit of Hop Bottom Grange. All are invited to attend. AND L.T. Wilmarth and A. Robinson were down to Scranton last week and report potatoes scarce and bringing a good price.

Lynn – A strawberry and ice cream festival was held at the vacant Sheldon Store on Saturday evening. Proceeds to repaint the Presbyterian church.

Middletown – Messrs Lewis Murphy, Keron Curley, James Farrell, and Lawrence Whalen have purchased new carriages.

Harford – James S. Adams, a former principal of the public schools, who is taking a college course at Cornell, finished his school year Thursday and has returned to Harford.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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