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June 16 1922/2022

Lackawanna Trail Opening – The last batch of concrete was poured on Tuesday of last week, and on Wednesday, June 28, the Lackawanna Trail will be open to the public, appropriate exercises being held in which it is expected the governors of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey will participate. Thousands of automobiles, carrying from 15,000 to 20,000 people, are expected to form a great procession in honor of this great event. The opening of the Lackawanna Trail will mark one of the greatest achievements in road building in the world’s history. The trail, which really extends from Binghamton, NY, to Delaware Water Gap, has cost in the neighborhood of $85,000,000. It is destined to become one of the most travelled thoroughfares for motor vehicles in the United States and traversing a country whose beauty beggar’s description, it will become greatly used by pleasure-seekers as well as means for truckers and business men to utilize it to their pecuniary benefit.

Stevens Point – John Sampson, aged about 65 years, was found dead in the barn on his farm, Monday of this week. He had been missing for several hours and his wife found him in the barn on a pile of straw. He told his wife he was tired and would take a little nap. He said he was cold and asked for a blanket. His wife covered him and went to the house. The next time she went to the barn he was dead. Death was due to heart trouble. Besides his widow he is survived by a number of children.

Jackson – It has been announced that the Jackson School Board decided to continue the Jackson Graded School as a two-room school, hiring two teachers as usual. The decision comes as welcome news to nearly every resident of the community and township. The directors had talked of cutting the school down to a one-room school, with the idea that it would reduce taxes. It was fair and right for the directors to make an effort to determine what the taxpayers wanted and they are to be congratulated for deciding to leave the school on its present basis. ALSO Arland Pease, a well-known young farmer, and Miss Florence Wakefield, popular Jackson belle, were married in Binghamton on May 31st, 1922.

Hop Bottom – Mrs. C.A. Corson, who has been in the Moses Taylor hospital, Scranton, for the past two weeks, is not expected to recover. ALSO A regiment of soldiers passed through here and attracted much attention.

Transue, Auburn Twp. – T. A. Bowen’s horse has been sick the past week, but is better. ALSO F. L. Peet has a pipe laid and intends to pump water from the well in his yard into the house.

Rush – Russell Spaulding’s bakery truck comes here on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Susquehanna – Sweeney Brothers, of Scranton, will pave eight streets with brick at a cost of approximately $130,000. The lowest of the bids, that Sweeney Brothers submitted, totaled about $182,000. This sum, while 20 percent under the estimated cost of the work, was more than the borough has available for improvements at this time, so it was decided to cut off a section of paving from each street. The borough pays 1/3rd of the cost of the paving and the abutting property owners two-thirds. ALSO A new Methodist Church will be built this summer, the structure to be modern in every respect, costing about $35,000. The auditorium will have a seating capacity of about 800. There will be Sunday school rooms, dining hall, bowling alleys, volley ball court, shower baths, etc.

Apolacon Twp. – Here’s one that jingles like a “Bug House Fable,” but strange as it may seem, this is strictly true. The township levied no road tax this year because she has her roads worked up in apple pie order, with the bills for the work paid out of money in the treasury at the first of the year. This is, certainly, a mighty pleasant state of affairs, and, moreover, it saves the genial tax collector, Timothy Griffin, the work of writing receipts.

Dimock – Francis R. Cope and family will start for North Mountain next Monday on their usual annual camping trip. Miss Clara Winans, of Montrose, Miss Margaret O’Brien and some of the other Dimock teachers, and all of the seniors of the bird club, will accompany them on this delightful camping expedition. The following week Mr. Cope will take the juniors of the bird club to the same place, a custom he has followed for years.

Harford – An aeroplane flew over here last Wednesday. ALSO Comrade Emmet R. Flint, age 78, the last of the old guard, died on May 16. Special mention was made of him at the Memorial Day exercises held at Harford. For several years he was the only veteran left to represent the Grand Army at these exercises and his passing left a gap. He was buried on May 18 from his late residence, amid a large gathering of mourners. Comrade Urbane Sloat and Comrade David Hardy conducted a service beside the casket of their dead comrade. He was a member of Co. H, of the 50th Regiment of New York Engineers. His body rests in the Peck cemetery, near the old homestead.

Forest City – The following are members of the class of 1922: Academic—Beulah Deming (first honors), Lillian Alexander (second honors), Patrick Kane, Madeline LaTourette, Fred Westgate, Leslie Tonkin, Margaret McLaughlin, Collett O’Neill, Mildred Faatz, Eugene Yorke, Adolph Sredenschek, Gerald Gensil, Michael Jannicelli, Clelland Ogden, Leon Bloxham. Commercial: Howard Lowry, Arlyn Gaylord, Elizabeth Suponsek, Esther Snedeker, Helene Cawley, Bridget Kalesinsky, Mary Melvin, Isabelle Barrett, Leona Burdick, Agnes Callaghan, Dorothy Fletcher.

Fowler Hill – Harry Vangilder passed over the Hill, Saturday. [This does not mean he passed away, just, literally, went (walked, rode) over the Hill.].

Bits of news from “200 Years Ago” from the Susquehanna County Herald, June 15, 1822.

MASONIC. The anniversary of St. John the Baptist will be celebrated at the house of Daniel Curtis, in Montrose, by the RISING SUN LODGE, on the 24th instant. The procession will be formed at the hour of eleven o’clock, A. M. and march to the place of worship, where an appropriate discourse will be given by the Rev. Mr. Rogers. After which it is expected that an oration, suitable to the occasion, will be delivered by the Rev. Mr. Crandall. To conclude with prayer. The North Star Lodge is particularly invited to attend. As also all members of either lodges in regular standing. PEREZ PERKINS, MASON DENISON, HIRAM FINCH, Committee of Arrangement.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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