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June 16 1905/2005

Flynn (Middletown Twp.) - There was a school meeting held here on Saturday for the purpose of locating a graded school site, also to see if the majority were in favor of one. After a stormy debate and one old fellow accused our postmaster of going to see his lover, the vote was in favor of the graded school and to be built on the four corners near J. W. Flynn's. With a graded school and a new railroad along the border, Flynn is expected to become one of the mushroom towns the coming winter.

Harford - Two cyclists on their way from New York to San Francisco breakfasted at the Central House on Tuesday morning. They are trying to beat the record of 28 days.

Springville - The ladies aid will celebrate the Fourth by serving one of their famous teas in the afternoon and during the evening ice cream and other refreshments. One of the special features of the occasion will be a fantastic parade. Do not fail to see it. AND Anna B. Stevens is offering, as a bargain, a fine line of corsets at 35 cents each, as well as many other bargains. Call and examine goods and prices.

East Bridgewater - William Baldwin has been in poor health for a long time, not being able to lie down, and is no better at this writing. Not being able to work his wood pile became low. Many thanks to the friends and neighbors who so kindly replenished it, also plowed and put in some crops and did many other favors.

Ararat - The 13-year old boy of Emmut Denney fell under the cars while attempting to jump on the train, Sunday morning, and was bruised and mangled badly. Dr. McNamara was called and amputated the left foot and the thumb and two fingers of his right hand. The Dr. is having quite a run in such cases and can but expect more as the car jumpers are numerous in his region and the oft repeated warnings go unheeded.

Susquehanna - Mrs. H. T. Birchard presented each member of the graduating class at Susquehanna with a fine oil painting, executed by herself. It will be remembered that her son, Harold, was a member of the same class of students. AND The University Council of Columbia University, New York, has awarded a scholarship valued at $150 to Winifred C. Decker. Mr. Decker is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Decker.

Forest Lake - John Quinn, having sold his farm, will have a public sale, June 20, at 1 o'clock, a complete list of articles appearing in another column. Mr. Quinn is 70 years of age and has never been absent from his post as color bearer at our Memorial Day exercises, in the many years since the Civil War. He will spend much time now, with his sons, in Binghamton. He sold his farm to J. M. Jeffers.

Choconut - Walter, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. James McCormick, passed away at his home, May 22, 1905. Little Walter was 7 years old and a bright and manly little fellow and although only a child, he was noted for his sweet respect to his parents and brothers. He was sick only a short time with appendicitis, and although a severe sufferer he had his smile so sweet for every one through it all. He underwent an operation and lived a short time after. Besides his parents he is survived by four little brothers, Michael, James, Joseph and Thomas. The flower bearers were Joseph Sweeney, James Cadden, Gregory Hannigan and John Murphy. The pall bearers were Thomas Cadden, William Hannigan, Ward Murphy and John Cane. Interment in Silver Lake Catholic cemetery.

Montrose - Boys, don't hold up the street corners too much. They don't need your support. AND The excavation for the Susquehanna County Historical Society building is now nearly finished and the foundation will be started at once. Thomas Howley, of Towanda, who has just completed the foundation for the Lehigh Valley depot, and whose work was highly praised Wednesday by the Lehigh inspector on his tour, will have charge of the erection of the foundation for this building. The structure will be three stories high, including the basement, and will be 30 x 50 ft. in size, being made of block concrete. The time for closing of bids has been extended one week.

South New Milford - Rev. O. J. Brush baptized Maud Gleason and Cecil Clifton and Floyd Brainard last Sunday, and they were united with the Baptist church that same day.

Brooklyn - Clare Whitman, Harry Shadduck, Charles Savige and Louis Gere, students of Wyoming Seminary, have come home for their summer vacation.

Uniondale - Fourth of July celebration at the Driving Park. Amusement will consist of races, ball games, etc.

South Gibson - A New York State paper tells of a heroic deed done by Winfield Tripp, a former South Gibson boy, who plunged into the Delaware river at Sandy Bottom, and rescued a boy by the name of McCierry and brought him to shore when he rose to the surface for the third time.

Dimock - A public sale of personal property will take place next Friday, June 23, on the Julia A Burdick farm, about two and one half miles from Dimock, on the Meshoppen creek road. Among the things to be sold are three cows, one horse, several good wagons, mowing machine, horse rake, plow, cultivator, harrow, harnesses and innumerable other articles.

Forest City - On Monday next, John Mitchell, the great leader of labor will be here, accompanied by District President T. D. Nicholls, Secretary-Treasurer Dempsey, Vice President Roscavage, National Board Member, McCollough and other notables in the labor world. They will arrive on the 6:20 Erie Flyer. At the depot they will be met by several locals of this vicinity, the Star and Vandling Drum corps and some of the city officials. A parade will take place along Main street to the No. 2 school building where a platform will be erected in the open air for the speech making. All workingmen, union or non-union, are urged to attend and the ladies are given a special invitation. All merchants are encouraged to decorate in honor of the occasion. AND Extensive interior decorations are taking place in St. Anthony's church that will make that place of worship one of the most ornate in North Eastern Pa. The work is being done under the personal supervision of Frank Bogdan, a New York artist. Six large pictures of scriptural scenes are already completed. Included are "The Good Samaritan," & "The Resurrection,"

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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