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June 16 1893/1993

Montrose - A cow belonging to Mr. Jessup fell into Co. G.'s rifle pit the other day; while Mr. Tingley, superintendent of the Jessup farm, was able to get her out without much damage, though only after considerable trouble. She made a bull's eye shot, as it were. AND As the Italian workers pass back and forth to their work on the reservoir, one of their number enlivens the monotony of the daily trudge by playing a small wind instrument attracting the attention of the children, and others, along the route.

Herrick - A local man found a cup full of old silver coin under a stump and anxious eyed fortune numbers are prowling by day and by night over his farm, digging up all the stumps in sight.

Dundaff - The fame of Crystal Lake as a super resort is spreading. Several families from Philadelphia are already there, and some new cottages are going up. AND Mr. Chas. Coleman went to Carbondale last Monday. When he was returning home someone shot a gun off, the horses made a plunge, and broke the doubletree, the wagon running back went down the embankment about 45 feet.

Harford - We found W.S. Sophia and his four men hard at work transplanting tomatoes. They went into the ground quicker than we could do it. He took us into his fertilizer storehouse remarking that 4 tons were nearly used up. In one corner was a pile of homemade fertilizer already getting hot. We called it his "laboratory," and think he understands its secrets pretty well. He showed us a field of clover fit to be photographed. It was just beautiful! And no manure on the piece in ten years. All fertilizer. A proof that land can be kept up with commercial manure.

Clifford - There will be a grand celebration at Clifford, on July 4th, conducted by the Ladies Aid Society of the M.E. Church. Homer Green, of Honesdale, will deliver the oration. He is known better here as the literary lawyer. He is the author of a number of stories that have been published in the Youth's Companion. "The Door Boy," "The Burnham Breaker," "The Blini Brothers," and several others. It will pay to come and hear him. All can be accommodated with dinner and ice cream, and all of the fruits of the season. Come young man and bring your best girl, bring whole families, come one and all.

Rush - Our sidewalk has been in a dilapidated state for sometime for want of funds to repair them. Some of the ladies have taken the matter in hand and will, after the 4th of July there will be a series of Saturday night ice cream socials for the sidewalk funds. It is a matter, which interests the public convenience and should be generously patronized.

Susquehanna County - Carrying the left hind foot of a graveyard rabbit as a token of good luck is beginning to be a fad hereabouts. What fools we mortals be! AND From many reliable sources some grave warnings to girls and young women who contemplate going to Chicago this summer to secure employment and thus get chances to see the world's fair and make money beside. Scores of advertisements, which are inserted in many country newspapers for help, promising light, pleasant employment to young women and girls, are the lures of the procurer and will doubtless drag many innocent young persons into dens of vice and iniquity. It is true there is an abnormal demand for help in Chicago this summer, but the young woman who answers an advertisement and goes to the city without having proof of the character of her employer, is very apt to step into a pit fall. Every paper in the country should hasten to publish a warning. It is a part of the duty of the public press to protect as far as possible the honest, well-meaning working girls of their communities, and put them on their guard against such a fate.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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