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June 14 1912/2012

Auburn Twp. - Wm. Magee, who went West three years ago and took up a claim at Kalispell, Montana, was killed while assisting to operate a steam plow, at North Cote, Minnesota, June 5, 1911 (12?). Mr. Magee was well known in Auburn Township, where he was reared. He is survived by a wife and six children.

Kingsley - Stearns Bros. are erecting a fine new hotel, which they hope to have ready for guests about August 1st. It will be a temperance house, having 40 rooms, we understand. This hotel will have modern conveniences and will fill a long needed want for this town, and the fact that Stearns Bros. are the proprietors, is a guarantee that travelers may find entertainment there which will be satisfactory. This house has assurance of a good patronage for 2 or 3 years, through the activities incident to the cut--off operations on the D. L. & W. railroad. A competent couple has been engaged to take charge when it opens.

Lake View - The preachers of Susquehanna Co. held their annual picnic on the church grounds last Tuesday. There were about 30 who came. The Walters catered for them.

Fairdale - A tennis club has been started and if we are to judge by the enthusiasm with which the young people have taken the matter up, we are safe in predicting many enjoyable evenings for the young people during the summer months,.

Thompson - The Thompson boys played their first game of base ball last Saturday, when they crossed bats with Starrucca, who beat Thompson 17 to 14. Next Saturday they play with Como.

Uniondale - Hugh Williams has been making improvements in and around his store; gasoline lights and a new stone walk in front of the building.

Franklin Forks - Children’s Day at Franklin Hill was well attended and the children recited and sang lovely. Mrs. A. Fish, of Franklin Forks, had charge of the music.

Heart Lake - Heart Lake Inn opens this Sunday for the summer season. Preparations are made for a bigger season than ever before and this popular resort is fortunate in having such a fine hotel where you can go and spend a day and get a good meal.

Brooklyn - C. A. Roselle is now making regular trips to Montrose, coming Tuesday and Saturday, bringing inviting loads of green vegetables. Mr. Rozell’s operations are on an extensive scale, as he informs us that he has three and one--half acres in sweet corn; nearly an acre in peas, and has asparagus beds started covering a half acre of ground. The frosts damaged him about $300, he estimates.

Montrose - Charles E. Roberts has an argumentative new automobile adv. today, “Charley” says Ford--i--fy yourself—there will be 75,000 people who will do it this year.

Flynn - On Saturday afternoon J. E. Lane had 6 acres of corn planted by three young men, from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m., about 3 hours. That was going some and done a good job,

Hallstead - It is now several years since the good people of Hallstead and vicinity have had an opportunity to entertain any of the poor children of New York during the summer. But now another opportunity is to be given, by which it is hoped to give an outing of two weeks or more to a large number and let the people extend their charity in this direction. Miss Arden, of New York City, has been here for several days canvassing in the interest of the Tribune Fresh Air Fund, and is desirous of placing as many of these little ones in this section as possible. It is requested that all who will care for one or more children for a period of two weeks, beginning July 8th, will give their names to any of the local pastors as soon as possible, in order to obtain places for as many as possible.

Friendsville - This end of the Binghamton stage has changed drivers, Orrin Rounds having taken the place of Bird Corson.

Nicholson - The borough of Nicholson will have six teachers for the coming year. The principal will receive $1100 per year.

West Auburn - George Brotzman is very feeble. It is not thought that he will last many days.

Herrick Center - Wallace Dunn, the 10--year--old son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dunn, met with a painful accident last Thursday. He was thrown from a horse which he was riding and received a blow on the face from the horse’s hoof. The jawbone was broken and nearly all the teeth in the upper jaw knocked out. Dr. Craft carefully set the jawbone and dressed the lacerations and the injuries, while not serious, are very painful.

Elkdale - Mr. and Mrs. James Stevens attended commencement exercises at Wyoming Seminary, where their daughter, Janette, is a member of the graduating class.

South Gibson - Photographer Roper, of Heart Lake, who has been located here for three weeks, has done a good business and the pictures have given good satisfaction. ALSO Peter Patterson, an old war veteran, has moved to Marathon, NY, where he has sisters residing.

Susquehanna - Our citizens were awakened early Sunday morning by the fire whistle. The fire was in the old Cascade House, one of the town’s landmarks. It was badly damaged and will not be rebuilt.

Foster (Hopbottom) - Measles have broken out in town, but thus far have been confined to one family, that of Mr. Hardy.

Forest City - Frank Janezie and Jennie Karley, John Roginsky and Josephine Rusczyk have applied for marriage licenses to marry in the near future.

News Brief - Thomas A. Edison has taken up the problem of harnessing the wind. His idea is to generate electricity thru means of a dynamo driven by a windmill and stored in his improved type of storage batteries, when it can be used as desired for lighting power or heating purposes.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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