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June 14 1907/2007

Hallstead - The Mitchell House is being enlarged by the addition of 25 sleeping rooms, with bath and toilet room in connection. The hotel will then number some 50 sleeping rooms.

Montrose - The Montrose Athletics play two games with Great Bend here on the Fourth, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The home team has been strengthened by the return of the Shafer brothers and Strous, and the local nine may be expected to put up a lively time for the strong visiting team. AND Frank Wilson and Leo Mahon, two practical glasscutters, are preparing to re-open the glass factory. They will start in a small way

Brooklyn - B. A. Oakley and Phil Burbank have begun work on A. G. Sterling's new house on Maple Street which, when completed, will be a great addition to the many beautiful homes on that street.

Susquehanna - Earnest Plew, 15 years old, whose home is in Oakland, is in the borough lock-up awaiting a hearing upon the charge of stealing a horse. This morning Earnest took a fancy to a horse belonging to David Mayo, of Locust Hill, which was standing hitched in front of Mitchell's drugstore on Main St. and seating himself in the buggy, started on a pleasure ride, his destination being Comfort pond. Very soon Mr. Mayo missed his horse and a search was commenced with the result that young Plew was captured near Lanesboro by Jack Hennessy.

Rushville - Rushville holds the honors for coming out with the biggest fish story. It's a true story, too. But that's only one of the unusual features. The fish, a huge carp, was caught on Thursday night of last week near Giffin's mill, in the Wyalusing creek, was 30 inches in length, 19 inches in circumference and weighed 10 lbs, 13 oz. Levi Light, with others, was in a boat spearing, when he succeeded in plunging the spear in the back of the fish. In its struggles it nearly upset the boat, and it was only after a companion jabbed another spear into it that it could be taken from the water. In the carp was found either a 38 or 44-calibre bullet, it being so flattened that it was impossible to determine the exact size, while the wound made had entirely disappeared, showing that the fish had attained a considerable age. There are many carp in the Wyalusing at this point, but this is the largest undoubtedly that has ever been caught in that particular place.

Lathrop Twp. - Considerable interest was manifested Wednesday afternoon in the suit instituted against Wm. Welch, who is alleged to have dynamited the Card pond in Lathrop, thereby killing a large number of fish. The hearing was held in the T. J. Davies' law office, Game Warden Shoemaker being the prosecutor. The defendant was represented by Attorneys Little and Kelly, while Mr. Davies appeared for the Commonwealth.

Lenox Twp. - There was a quiet wedding at the home of G. N. Bennett at Glenwood on Sunday when Miss Vern Bell became Mrs. Jean L Tower. The happy couple left immediately for the home of the groom's parents in Philadelphia and will go to housekeeping in Trenton, N.J., July 1. This leaves the bride's father, G. S. Bell, without a housekeeper, and he will now reside with his daughters at Glenwood.

Beech Grove, Auburn Twp. - Thursday was Mrs. Amy Raub's 80th birthday, and her brother, C. W. Pierson and wife and sister, Mrs. Milton Harris and husband, spent the day with her at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Fuller. It was a very enjoyable day to all, and as they separated it was with best wishes and hoping for many happy returns. Mrs. Raub retains all her faculties and spends her time reading, sewing and doing the things she was accustomed to do in her earlier years. She often walks half a mile to call on friends and always enjoys the visits.

New Milford - Francis Washington Boyle, aged 83 years, died at his residence in New Milford on Tuesday, June 11. The deceased was born in June1825, son of Hon. John Boyle (formerly an associate judge of Susquehanna county) and for a number of years was proprietor of the Eagle Hotel in New Milford. From 1853 to 1861 he was postmaster of his home town, and in 1862 went to Susquehanna, where for four years he was a member of the mercantile firm of Boyle and Barber. He was appointed, under President Johnson, internal revenue collector and served in that capacity for two and a half years. Mr. Boyle resided nearly all his life in New Milford.

Forest Lake - The death of P. S. Kane, a well known and highly esteemed citizen of Forest Lake, occurred June 8, 1907, aged 63 years, he having been born on St. Patrick's day, 1844. He had the distinction of being the tallest man in the county six and one-half feet tall.

St. Joseph - New memorial windows of beautiful designs have been placed in St. Augustine's church.

Springville - Jos. H. Kelly, proprietor of the Springville Hotel, has decided to discontinue the livery business, which he has hitherto operated in connection with his hotel, and will make a public sale of all his horses, wagons, sleighs, harness, blankets, &c., on Saturday June 15.

He Broke Jail Again: Walter Brugler has again escaped from the county jail. The wily young fellow got away sometime during the night by affecting an entrance to the jail yard, twisting his bed blankets into a rope, which he threw over the high wall and thus managed to get away. He evidently obtained, in some inexplicable manner, a key which would unlock his cell and gain admission to the cell used for sick inmates. Here he sawed through a bar that had been partially cut at some previous time by another prisoner in a vain attempt to secure liberty. In the yard it would even then take the most daring ingenuity to scale the wall, but in this the shrewd young criminal succeeded and left no clue as to his probable destination. [Brugler is the same one who escaped on the evening of March 31 and a few weeks ago was captured at Poughkeepsie, NY]

News Brief - Governor Stuart has signed the bill appropriating $1000 annually to counties in which agricultural fairs are held. Each of the incorporated societies will receive its share of the whole. Susquehanna county has three--Harford, Lawton and Montrose.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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