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June 13 1919/2019

Susquehanna County Marriage Licenses: Andrew Hackey, Thompson and Eva Dix, Ararat; Wm. Perry Lee, and Elma Gage, both of Rush Twp.; Victor J. Taylor, Susquehanna and Ethel M. Sloat, Scranton; Searle P. Swisher and Lola M. Greene both of Auburn; Joseph D. Stout and Myrtle M. Way, both of Binghamton.

Montrose – A dispute over a line fence lead to a fight Monday, between Ed. Jones, an old man and Isaiah Spence, a young man, in which Jones received a severe beating. His face was badly cut and several teeth were knocked out. Jones is a colored man and owns a little place where he raises flowers and he is much upset over real or fancied wrongs concerning the ownership of his property. He claims Spence told him that he had Spence’s property. ALSO The opening of the Country Club will take place the latter part of this month. The links and tennis courts are being put into excellent condition and the outlook is bright for a lively season, with large numbers of city people planning to spend part or all of the summer here. Mrs. Edward Nailor, of Ithaca, NY, who has considerable experience in superintending fraternity houses at Cornell University, will have charge of the club house, having held this position several years ago

South Harford –The funeral of William Patterson was held from the Congregational church on Saturday, May 31. Burial was in the village cemetery. He leaves a daughter and two sons to mourn his loss. Mr. Patterson was a veteran of the Civil War and a highly respected citizen of the community. ALSO Miss Minnie Tinker, a well-known music teacher, is now prepared to instruct pupils at her home in that place. Terms will be reasonable and time and patience used to make progress more rapid.

Lathrop Twp. - Stanley Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Williams, returned to his home being met at the trolley station at Hop Bottom by a large number of friends, who accorded him a hearty welcome home. He had been in the service for the past eleven months and made a good record. He looks the picture of robust health. Mr. Williams formerly worked at the Robinove store in Montrose.

New Milford – The place where the detour leaves the New Milford road, about a mile this side of New Milford borough, near Fred Deans’ is an extremely dangerous point and should be made safer. The turn is so abrupt that large cars have difficulty in passing to the detour from the New Milford road. The oil wagon had trouble there the other day and on Sunday last S.G. Fancher and family had a thrilling experience when their car went partially over the bank. It was by the sheerest good fortune that the car did not pass clear over the bank and overturn, in which event there would have likely been lives lost.  All detours over which vehicles must pass should be made very safe. Usually detours are given little or no attention, when, as a matter of fact, a small outlay would usually make them pleasanter to travel over and safe for use. Autoists are warned to drive very slowly at this point.

Lynn – W. A. Welch has sold his blacksmith tools to W. H. Brooks and has given up work, he being too old to work at his trade any more.

Gibson – The people of this place are to celebrate the Fourth in due and ancient style, under the auspices of the Gibson Star Grange.

Great Bend – The commencement exercises of the Great Bend High School were held last Monday evening, June 9th, in the M. E. church in this place. The class of 1919 consisted of five members: Harold Brant, Gerald E. Enright, Beatrice Vroman, Edwin Von Bergen and Reba E. Wood. The valedictory essay was given by Harold Brant and salutatory by Edwin Von Bergen. ALSO Rev. John J. O’Leary, who has been a chaplain in the U.S. Army in France, recently arrived from overseas and returned to the home of his mother in this place last week. While serving his country Chaplain O’Leary was seriously wounded and was confined in a hospital for some time. He has entirely recovered. Since his return hosts of friends have gathered at the family home to greet him and wish him well.

Susquehanna/Oakland – The Susquehanna-Oakland Athletic Association is planning to fully equip its new playground. A committee recently visited the Johnson City playground, one of the finest equipped in the country, to secure ideas for their own use.

East Kingsley – Our roads were somewhat improved recently by a road machine and a force of men, but the thing most needed was sadly neglected—the opening of sluices and putting in new ones to prevent washing out on these hilly roads by the heavy rains.

Forest City – August Wallace, aged 53 years, was killed while at work at the breaker of the Hillside Coal and Iron Co. He was struck by a mine car and was literally crushed by the impact. He was beyond human aid when he was picked up. He is survived by his wife and two children whose whereabouts are unknown. The body was removed to Connolly’s undertaking rooms and prepared for burial and later removed to the home of Michael Goskowski of Hudson Street. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon from Sacred Heart church with burial in St. John’s cemetery. ALSO Another Forest City boy has been awarded the Croix de Guerre for bravery in action. Michael Pituh is in receipt of a letter from his brother, Corporal Andrew A. Pituh, who is with the army of occupation in Germany, in which he states that on the 15th of May he was decorated by Major General Summerall for bravery in action in the Muse-Argonne offensive.

Thompson - Those who graduated from Thompson High School are: Helen Craft, Willard Callender, Clinton Lewis, Lena Southworth, Reba Thomas, Frances Post, Raymond Leach, Rexford Gulley and Gladys Washburn.

Springville – Mr. and Mrs. Myron Kasson go south for their winters and then long for spring, when they can return north, the former prothonotary bringing with him a large fund of stories for the delectation of his many friends. “Myron” in two respects is very much like Lincoln. He is tall and spare and tells stories well.

200 Years Ago from the Montrose Gazette, June 12, 1819.

*L. A. Burrows, Esq. is appointed Cashier of the Silver Lake Bank, in the place of Putnam Catlin, Esq., resigned.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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