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June 11 1909/2009

Susquehanna - While being taken from the Eastern Reformatory in Napanoch, NY, to Homer, William Carter jumped from the train here while his custodian was asleep and endeavored to make his escape. Carter, who is about 20 years old, had just completed a sentence for burglary and was released yesterday. He was at once taken into custody by Chief Goodrich, of Homer, on a warrant charging him with arson and burglary. The two reached Susquehanna at midnight, and taking advantage of the fact the officer was asleep Carter jumped from the train and ran through the Erie yards and down the track. Chief Goodrich awoke just as his prisoner leaped from the train and started in pursuit. He met Chief McMahon, of this city, who after sending out an alarm, set out in pursuit of Carter, who by this time had disappeared in a near-by woods. At about 2:30 this morning he came into Susquehanna, under the impression that he had reached another town and was placed under arrest.

Montrose - J. C. Harrington has joined the growing list of automobilists and expects soon to be running a Metz runabout for which he has also taken the agency. Mr. Harrington was at the works of the company in Waltham, Conn., where he was satisfied that the machine was all right by the method of its manufacture and would "go the route" over Susquehanna's hills. Other local people are in the market for new machines and probably a half dozen more autoists will join the ranks this season. ALSO Rev. Caines, pastor of the African M.E. Zion church, preached his farewell sermon on Sunday last to a large audience. Rev. Caines was a very reliable pastor, but he could not raise money enough to pay the conference fees, and had to rely on the Sunday school for the necessary funds, the Sunday school having about $23 in the treasury. All are hoping that he will be returned to Montrose again.

Hallstead - Word has been received of the death of Percy A. Barnes, a former resident of this place, who died recently at Leavenworth, Kansas, from consumption. Mr. Barnes was a member of Co. G. Thirteenth Regiment, PA Volunteers, in the Spanish-American war, and has many comrades in Hallstead who will be grieved to learn of his death.

Silver Lake Twp. - P. J. Radiker and men are engaged changing Henry J. Rose's big boarding house into an apartment house for five families. Mr. Rose's plan being to rent those apartments, furnished, each summer, there being a demand for them it is said, and much less work to look after it thus, than to conduct a boarding house.

New Milford - Frank Hayes, while working for Chas. Savige, of Brooklyn, met with quite an accident. While coming down a hill with a load of fence boards the brake on the wagon gave way, and the horses got tangled upon the harness. The wagon turned over twice. Mr. Hayes was pretty badly used up, but is now able to be out again. ALSO Mrs. Elmer Whited, residing at McKinney's Mills, not far from New Milford, met with a frightful experience by being run away with by a spirited team attached to a sulky plow, sustaining quite serious injuries. Mrs. Whited thought she could save her husband a trip in from the fields, so she harnessed the animals to a sulky plow and in driving out to where he was at work a passing train frightened the team and they dashed off at a gallop. She was thrown from her seat, falling on the plows, in which position she clung for half a mile, until her husband, who witnessed the accident, managed to stop the team and release her from her precarious position. Had she lost her hold and fallen under the plow points, in probability she would have met a horrible death.

Brooklyn - The Ladies' Aid Society of the M. E. church has purchased of Jeweler Earl J. Smith, nearly 300 pieces of fine silverware, including knives, forks and spoons. On each piece is beautifully engraved, "M. E. Aid," and the ladies are highly pleased with their purchase, and the artistic manner in which the engraving is done.

Rush - Considerable anxiety is felt by the family of Frank Tanner, whose home is near Rush, over his continued absence from home, leaving without informing them that he was going away. He had been working for a neighbor on Wednesday, June 2nd, and when he came from work he passed his home but did not stop nor was he seen by his family, but went on to the town of Rush and told someone that he was going to take the train for Binghamton the next day. He stayed at Rush that night and in the morning took the stage for Montrose, and it is reported was seen boarding the morning train on the DL&W and it is the last he has been seen or heard from. The finding of the body of an unknown man in the Susquehanna river at Binghamton has caused considerable anxiety as to whether or not this might be the body of Mr. Tanner.

Lawton - The opening base ball game will be held at Lawton Park, Saturday, June 12. Game called at 3:00 p.m. No lover of the national game can afford to miss this opportunity of witnessing an excellent game. Band concert during the afternoon by the Silvara band. Refreshments will be served. Adm. 10 cents. Ladies free.

Watrous Corners, Bridgewater Twp. - M. F. Bissell has placed the last piece of the Lindsay house up to Montrose, upon Clark Stephens' lot. It removes an old landmark, but still the world moves on.

Thompson - The W. C. T. U. [Women's Christian Temperance Union] of this place is anticipating a fine time at the county convention which is to be held June 16 and 17. Mrs. E. N. Law, the famous lady speaker, is to give the address the evening of the 16th.

East Kingsley - The first automobile of the season passed through here last Monday.

Forest City - A slight blaze at the Lyric theatre caused some excitement on North Main street just before noon on Tuesday. Mr. Estabrook, while carrying a kerosene lamp, stumbled and let the lamp fall. The oil saturated a film which was spoiled. Little other damage was done. A bucket of water put out the blaze. ALSO Forest City is to have another clothing store. Henry Weiss has leased the store room formerly occupied by D. B. Gibson as a meat market to Nagelburg & Feigenbaum, of Scranton.

News Briefs - Wilkes-Barre's new two-million-dollar court house was opened for use recently and it is quite probable that the old structure on the square, in the center of the business district, will be torn down and the space occupied by the building and yard turned into a park. ALSO We have been given a new recipe for destroying dandelions. Make a solution of sulphate of iron and water and treat the dandelions to a generous dose. If that fails to remove them, place a stick of dynamite on each plant. And if that fails, dig them up and eat them.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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