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June 10 1921/2021

Susquehanna/Forest City – With their colors flying the Susquehanna Business Men’s Base Ball team went down to defeat yesterday afternoon at the local ball park in Forest city. Col. Baker’s colts were trimmed to the tune of 14 to 7. Dr. Knapp’s speedy rangers outclassed the visitors. Berish was on the mound for the locals and Jimmy Smith did the receiving. Griffis, pitcher, was relieved in the 5th frame by Mathews. He proved easier than Griffis and four circuits were made on his delivery. Shields did the receiving for the visitors. The lineup for Susquehanna was Tierney, ss; Deacon, 3b; Leslie, cf; Condon, 1b; Baker, rf; Wagner, 2b; Shields, c; Mathews, cf and p; Griffis, p and cf. Forest City—Kutarnia, lf; Budjake, cf; Dr. Costello, 3b; John Smith, 2b; Dr. Bell, 2b; Bayless, rf; McHale, ss; Dr. Knapp, 1b; James Smith, c; Berish, p. A return game will soon be played and Baker promises his team will win on their own grounds.

Forest City – Joseph C. M. Muchitz, of this place, was elected varsity head cheer leader for the school year 1921-22, at the Pennsylvania State College. Joseph always gets there and as a cheer leader he will make the welkin ring,

Montrose– Senator E. E. Jones, of Harford, while calling on his County Seat friends, and operating a brand new Dodge roadster, was struck by a Ford car near the Tarbell House, considerable damage being done to the Senator’s car, but with slight injury to the Ford—as “per usual.” The Ford was being operated by Mr. Furey of Bridgewater, who was learning to drive and who assured Mr. Jones he would pay the damage. Certainly this accident was most regrettable as it is not the wish of county residents to treat our State officials in this manner.

Heart Lake – Lyons & Son invite the public to spend the “Fourth” at Heart Lake, and tell of attractions at this popular resort this day, including merry-go-round, motor boat, dancing, swimming race, etc. There are a large number who always find Heart Lake a charming place to spend the Fourth and a good sized crowd may be looked for, as usual.

Gelatt – Three of our young ladies will graduate June 15th from the Susquehanna high school—Miss Helen Hine and the Misses Helen and Margaret Jones. Four of our boys took the examinations for high school—Oliver and Manley Potter, Howard Gelatt and Claud Barnes.

Glenwood – The parties that took Elmer Corey’s and Frank Pherrigo’s chickens one evening last week, had some nerve. They need to be driven out of town or put behind the bars, which will surely be done if they don’t take warning.

Harford – Ball games are the order of the day here and they attract more attention than a circus. Harford and Gibson played Saturday and the score was 12-5, in favor of Harford.

Dimock – A meeting of the Community Circle will be held at the Estus hotel, Friday afternoon. Another demonstration of the cheaply made dress forms will be made at this time, and if plenty of helpers attend, three or more forms may be made during the one afternoon. It is hoped everyone who is interested will take advantage of this opportunity as many are anxious to rush their summer’s sewing, and this demonstration will be of great help. They can easily be made at home after seeing how one is made. ALSO Chas. N. Green, a bee expert from Harrisburg, was through this place last week, inspecting bees to report and help eliminate any bee diseases. The bee-keepers were very grateful for his helpful talks and advice.

Apolacon – M. A. Reardon, of Endicott, a former popular and well-known citizen of Apolacon, was calling on Montrose friends, Monday. He and his family are enjoying good health, Susquehanna county friends will be pleased to know. Two of his sons, longing for farm life and the familiar scenes of their boyhood days, have returned to Apolacon and are conducting the homestead farm. Mr. Reardon purchased a home in Endicott when he took up his residence there a couple years ago and tells us that he has had several opportunities to sell at a substantial profit, and says that about every other person you meet in Endicott is a Susquehanna county man.

Lenoxville – C. H. West gives notice of a big opening dance at Stephens’ Hall, Lenoxville, Thursday, June 16th, 1921, the music to be furnished by Bill Purvis and Rogers. Mr. West is famed for conducting most pleasurable dances and many will look forward to this event.

Great Bend – Franklin Scoville, aged 77 years, a veteran of the Civil War, died at his home here on May 31, after an illness of several months. The funeral was held at the home of Frank Fortner, at Great Bend. Burial in Chenango Valley Cemetery. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Oliver Snedaker and Mrs. Sarah Parker, both of Great Bend.

Franklin Forks – Memorial Day is now past, but it will long be remembered. The fine speech by Mr. Ellsworth, of Binghamton, was much enjoyed. There were only seven veterans and two of the World War soldiers. There was a large crowd—people from Binghamton, Hallstead, Conklin Montrose and Nicholson. All helped to make the day a success.

Forest Lake – Asa Coleman has moved on his farm at Fair Hill. Mr. Birchard has moved his goods from the store here to Birchardville. Sorry to lose the store.

Kingsley – On Tuesday the 7th, one of our well-known and respected citizens, Warren H. Wilmarth, reached another milestone in life’s journey and became 80 years young. He enjoys remarkably good health and good reading and music are particularly pleasing to him. He has planned and built most of the houses, stores, churches and barns in our town, besides much other building and repair work in the surrounding country. A large number of relatives and friends gathered at his home in honor of this event and enjoyed a very bountiful dinner. His son, Thomas, of New York City, arrived Monday night. His other children, Mrs. Nellie Finn, of Montrose and Perry and Jesse, of this place, and his grandchildren and all present will long remember the day.

New Milford – The commencement exercises of the New Milford High School were held in the opera house Thursday evening of last week, when a class of six girls and three boys received diplomas. The graduates were: Rachael A. Benson, Agnes E. Fernan, Ruth Norris, Dorothy W. DePew, Neva Ruth Hillis, Mary Lucille DeWitt, Everett Garratt Ainey, Neal L. Harris an Myles Joseph DeWitt.

Uniondale – Curt Lee, of Forest City, has purchased of Mrs. John S. Tinker, the farm known as the Tinker-Carr place. Curt says he will soon have the farm up in the former condition. His first step will be to erect buildings on the place.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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