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June 10 1892/1992

Clifford - We have had the most rain in May that some of the oldest men can remember ever seeing in that month before. It has made planting very late. Some planters have given up planting any corn and will sow the ground to buckwheat. The decision of most farmers is that it is better to have an excess of rain than it would be to have a drought as it means a large hay crop and if there is a failure in the hay crop it is the greatest failure of all. AND we are expecting a young doctor from Montrose to locate in Clifford, in the near future, by the name of Hunter. If he is the right kind of man he will be very welcome.

Susquehanna - Mrs. Mary Keene, of Steven's Point, is certainly no coward says The Windsor Standard, for on Friday last she came to Windsor and married her fifth husband. The groom, Soloman Lake, is 72 years old, lives at Susquehanna, and had been married once before.

Auburn Corners- St. Bonaventure Church is being demolished that a new church may be erected on the site of the old building. The new church will cost between four and five thousand dollars.

Rush - Seth Stark attended an oyster supper at Birchardville, recently, going by the way of the state road. Seth, watch the guide boards.

Lawsville - There is a point on Franklin Hill where the cars can be distinctly seen, at Montrose, a distance of 9 miles.

Montrose - A new lawyer in town? No it's A.B. Smith Jr., with his whiskers cut off. AND John Porter has the contract for building the fence around the cemetery at Silver Lake Church. John is something of an artist in this line. AND Thursday of last week being a burning hot day, A.W. Lyons, of Lyons restaurant remembered the printers at the democrat office in a most substantial way sent them a liberal supply of that delicious orange ice, for which his place is famous, all of which was greatly enjoyed by the "boys" and for which they return thanks.

Scranton - The Scranton Bicycle Club is making elaborate preparations for the state meet to be held in that city, June 20, 21, and 22, The club has already booked guests from Washington Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York Brooklyn, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and many other places. In the five last great races, including road races, the Columbia cycles have taken first prizes. In the recent Pullman road race, with 300 starters and all kinds of wheels, the Columbia took first and second prizes, thus proving that the Columbia. is not only the fastest and easiest wheel to ride, but that it is used by the best wheelmen. F.D. Melhuish, Montrose, is the agent for this superb cycle.

Susquehanna County - Fish Tale: The five Woodruff Brothers, George and Will of Montrose, Henry and Luke of Binghamton, and Selden of New York, enjoyed a fishing excursion on Thursday. Although the shower interfered with their sport somewhat, they report a catch of over one hundred speckled beauties. They were also scouting the hills and valleys of Gibson and vicinity the first of the week, reporting between 400 and 500 trout as a result of the trip.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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