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June 04 1920/2020

Jackson – Memorial Day services were held throughout Susquehanna County. In the town of Jackson, at 10:30, the Grand Army of the Republic, the Patriotic Order, Sons of America and others assembled in the Jackson Cemetery where the graves of the Civil War veterans were decorated. From there the two orders marched to the Methodist Episcopal Church, where the Memorial Day speech was delivered. Commander of Myron French Post, C. D. Washburn, presided. The following old soldiers were present: H. M. Benson, W. W. Larrabee, E. O. Perry, C. D. Washburn, Fred Jeffers, Rufus Barnes, Smith French, Edson Williams and M. E. Gates. Mrs. Oscar Stone, Mrs. Fletcher Brown and Mrs. Melvin Larrabee, widows of Civil War soldiers were preset. The Methodist Ladies Aid Society served an excellent dinner in the church parlors after the service. In the evening the Jackson Epworth League provided a most excellent and enjoyable home talent entertainment in the Odd Fellows hall.

Susquehanna – The graduating class of the high school will take a trip to Washington this month, following commencement.

Montrose – A very fine electric piano, with flute and mandolin attachments, adorns the Burns’ pharmacy, which will be a source of much pleasure to Mr. Burns’ ice cream and soda water patrons. ALSO The Warner-Gardner Post, of the American Legion, was presented last week a stand of colors by Dr. E. R. Gardner and N. C. Warner, for whose sons the Post is named. It is a beautiful stand of colors of the most expensive type. It was carried for the first time in the Memorial Day parade, Monday, and last week was on display in the Farmers Bank window.

Bridgewater Twp. - Breese & Norris, the local Delco light dealers, have taken contracts for installing lighting systems on the farms of A. E. Robinson, Bridgewater, and Edward Arnold, Fairdale; also water systems on the farms of George D. Robinson, South Montrose, and Francis R. Cope, Dimock.

St. Josephs – Miss Nellie Kane, a trained nurse of Scranton, is visiting her parents, here.

New Milford – A. Kahn, of Scranton, has opened a new meat market in the Inderlied Block, in this place.

Dimock – More cars are now running on the State road than wagons. ALSO The Free library is now open all hours of the day, where you can get a good book and paper to read.

Brooklyn – Miss Frances Ely, who teaches in Long Island, spent a short vacation at the home of her parents, here, recently.

Ararat – M. E. Taft, who has spent the past year in Tennessee, has returned and purchased a farm, and is glad to get back to his own old Pennsylvania. ALSO A box social for the benefit of the Ararat Band was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Scott on Saturday evening and was largely attended. A fine display of lunch boxes evidenced the interest taken by the ladies to make the social a success. One of the Band boys, having the knack of a good auctioneer, soon gained the liberal bidding off boxes from the men folk—both young and old. Ice cream was sold also and the proceeds soon rounded up over one hundred dollars. Success to the band.

Binghamton/Heart Lake/Montrose – George N. Cobb, a native of Montrose, a son of Zipron Cobb, died at his home in Binghamton, May 28, 1920. Deceased, while at his cottage, the “Cobb-Webb,” at Heart Lake, about two weeks ago, suffered a severe heart attack from which he failed to recover. Mr. Cobb learned the photographic business in Montrose and was one of Binghamton’s leading photographers for many years, retiring from business about 30 years ago.

Middletown Twp. – Mr. and Mrs. Francis Coleman, who were wedded here, came to “The Evergreens” in Montrose, where a wedding breakfast was served by the Misses O’Neill. The bride was Miss Alice Golden. The happy young couple were en route to New York, where they are spending their honeymoon.

Little Meadows – Mrs. R. H. Hillis attended the wedding of her niece, Miss Lena Foley, in New York City, to Francis Mahoney, formerly of Little Meadows. The bride was a former secretary to McGraw, the great ball player.

Birchardville – Miss Chadijah Dayton, of Syracuse, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Watson Dayton.

Harford – The Boy Scouts spent a delightful time at Blanding Lake on Saturday last with their scoutmaster. The boys waded, fished and had a general good time.

Rush – Miles LaRue fractured both bones in his arm cranking his father’s car. ALSO Those who attended the Decoration day exercises at Jersey Hill were: Asa Hickok, Silas Smith, Mrs. Etta Wilcox, Mrs. Martha Devine, Mrs. Susanna Harris and Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Edwards.

Fairdale – Quite a number from this place took in the circus at Binghamton on Friday last.

Lynn, Springville Twp. – The stereopticon views, lecture and ice cream social passed off very pleasantly last Saturday night. ALSO The people of this community turned out well on Thursday last and cleaned up the cemetery.

Thompson – Edwin E. Dow, formerly engaged as undertaker at this place for many years, passed away in Los Gatos, California on May 5, 1920. He left Thompson for California in 1876. He was born in Thompson in 1836, being in his 84th year at the time of death. He was married to Caroline Salsbury, at Mt. Pleasant, on May 11, 1856. He was a devoted member of the G. A. R., having served his country during the Civil War on a Mississippi gunboat. Mr. and Mrs. Dow lived in Texas and Nebraska before coming to Los Gatos. He was a locomotive engineer and conducted a blacksmith shop for many years. He was elected to the Assembly of California in 1891. Mr. Dow was a remarkable man, well preserved in body and mind with a jovial disposition which won the abiding friendship of all with whom he met.

Uniondale – George Bok backed off the siding near the Stillwater breaker. His machine started to buck and like a bucking mule could not be controlled. The occupants of the car escaped injury but the car was badly damaged. The ladies of the party were compelled to walk to their homes, a distance of several miles.

News Brief: The state constabulary will have a patrol of the newly organized motorcycle company on all the state highways. Speeding drivers will be surprised when they have a notice to appear before some justice to answer to a charge of reckless driving. The law calls for tail lights on all motor driven vehicles. This includes motorcycles. All trailers weighing 500 pounds or over must be registered and carry a license plate. Cars parked or standing at night must have tail light burning.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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