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June 01 1923/2023

New Milford – Landlord E. D. Bertholf, who lately died in New Milford and was a former Jessup Twp. resident, had conducted what was known for many years as the Eagle Hotel. A hotel or public house has been continuously in operation on this site for as far back as 1790, when Robert Corbett established a public house on this property. For many years it was known as the Phinney Hotel, “Bill” Phinney having been its proprietor, succeeding his father, the late Philander Phinney, who built the present structure in 1857. Mr. Bertholf had conducted the hotel the past three years. The Bertholf will, lately probated, left $3,000 to Mrs. Augusta Bogue, his housekeeper for the past twelve years; $1,000 to his brother, Samuel Bertholf. The remaining estate is divided between his surviving brother and three sisters.

Harford – We are reliably informed that the time is not far distant when there will be a state concrete road from Nicholson to Harford, via Glenwood. In the words of the old song, “Oh, let it be soon.” ALSO There are but three Civil War veterans in Harford. There are 116 soldiers’ graves in the township cemetery. ALSO Among our newly weds are Kenneth McConnell and Miss Leah Stone. They will reside on a farm near the groom’s parents. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stone, of Kingsley and a popular young lady.

Friendsville – George L. Buffum has purchased the Louise Whelan house and is remodeling it for a store.

Brooklyn – One of those pleasant gatherings took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Meade, of this place, when friends came to congratulate Mrs. George W. Brown, aunt of Mrs. Meade, on rounding out 100 years of earthly life, and still retaining to a great extent all of her faculties. Mrs. Brown was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Beers and was born in Providence, R. I., May 25, 1823 and came to Bradford County in 1830 with horses and wagon, later to Brooklyn, in about 1848, residing in the home of Stephen Breed on the old Breed homestead. Returning to Bradford County she married George W. Brown. At his death she returned to Brooklyn, living with her niece, Mrs. Meade, in her ideal country home, with electric lights, hot and cold water, bath, etc. ALSO Graduating members of the Brooklyn high school are: Virginia West, Norma Smith, Elizabeth Decker, Thelma Button, Frieda Johnson, Carlton Bedell, John Karveller and Alice Mead.

Herrick Twp. – Charles Walker, one of the oldest and best known residents of this township, died at his home, May 18, 1923, age 86. Mr. Walker was a respected citizen and a prosperous farmer and until recently was very active for his years. He leaves his wife; two daughters, Mrs. Emerson Bennett, of East Ararat and Mrs. Thomas Stark, of Lyon street, Herrick, and one son, Edward, who moved to one of the western states several years ago.

Great Bend – Mrs. Riley, who resides in the Kinney block, while burning papers on Saturday afternoon, had her clothing catch fire and was seriously burned. The apron she wore ignited and the flames quickly communicated to her clothing. Two small boys threw water on the burning garments and put out the blaze. She was taken to the Binghamton hospital.

Montrose – James Bunnell and a force of men have been moving a number of the smaller exhibition buildings on the county fair grounds here, and they will be more conveniently located. The grounds and buildings are also being improved and made ready for the forthcoming fair. Contractor Walton will soon commence an addition to the main exhibition hall, which will be ready for use at the annual exhibition in September.

Uniondale – Kenneth Cable worked in the plant of the Philadelphia Bulletinafternoons while attending Temple University, where he recently graduated with honors.

Alford - Wm. Smith has a new Pathe talking machine. [The Pathe Phonograph & Radio Corp, Brooklyn, NY, were the makers of the Pathe line.]

Dimock – The 1923 graduating class comprises Catherine Cronk, Myrtle Shelp, Alice Roberts, Mary Williams, Merl Green, Elsie Berry, Rose Williams, Irene Tanner, Sheldon Grow, Leslie Johnson and Fred Bunnell.

Hop Bottom – There will be a patriotic, dramatic and music entertainment entitled, “The Mother Speaks,” given by the pupils of the school, on the evening of June 2nd, in the Eastern Star room, Masonic Hall.

Lynn, Springville Twp. – We are informed that Chas. Sheldon has contracted with Allen Bros. to erect a modern bungalow on the site of the one destroyed by fire last winter. Everyone has missed the old landmark and will be glad to see it replaced.

Jackson – Students of the Herrick High school will give a three-act drama, entitled, “No Trespassing,” in the Odd Fellows Hall, Jackson, Friday evening, June 1st.

Forest City – At the commencement exercises of the high school, Alice Muchitz gave the Salutation, “Women and Her New Citizenship.” The Valedictory, given by Barbara Puchnik, was “Importance of Business Education.” ALSO We are informed that the firm of Smith & Newak will soon be dissolved. Mr. Smith is to continue in the old stand and Mr. Newak will open in the McCormick building. He will carry a line of musical instruments, sewing machines, etc.

News Briefs: The first film show ever witnessed by peasant children on the island of St. Kilda so terrified them that they stampeded from the schoolroom where the film was being exhibited and sought safety on the wild hillsides of the lonely islet that lies west of Scotland. St. Kilda, isolated for several months of the year by the stormy Atlantic, was visited by people thinking to give the natives a treat and arranged a motion picture. The audience sat unmoved through a picture of a football match, but when an express train rushed at them across the screen the youngsters screamed and fled. ALSO Gov. Smith, of New York, has signed a bill calling upon all secret societies in the state, with rosters of forty or more, to furnish the names and addresses of its members to the secretary of state. The bill is aimed at the Ku Klux Klan. Societies are given ten days to comply with the requirements.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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