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July 8, 1890/1990

Elk Lake- The traditional organ grinder passed through here recently.

Gunn Hill [New Milford] - Thursday evening, Aug. 7, a gorgeous meteor was seen to explode in the zenith at this place. The sight was grand beyond description and for a few moments darkness was changed to noonday brightness.

Susquehanna - Fifteen extra trains passed over the Erie on Sunday and Monday, loaded principally with passengers from the West enroute to the great Grand Army demonstration [Civil War veterans] in Boston, and from Friday to Tuesday last, it is said 51 special trains moved eastward, carrying 10,000 passengers.

Thompson - Mrs. W. Larrabee has put up an addition to her house, which will be used for a millinery store.

Birchardville - Our school closed Aug. 6 on account of sickness and Dr. Strange is busy both night and day caring for the sick. On Sabbath morning at 4 o'clock, Essie, beloved daughter of Milton and Alidie Dayton Birchard, died of membranous croup. Frederick, eldest son of Milton and Zaidie was also stricken with the epidemic and has been seriously ill. He is a little more comfortable at present. The other members of this tryly afflicted family are improving, except Ray, the youngest son, who is not so well.

Susquehanna County- GAR Encampment: The National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic was held at Boston last week, and brought together many thousands of surviving veterans. The Grand Army embraces within its fold nearly half a million of veterans and is in a flourishing condition in every respect. These annual gatherings of the survivors of the Union armies are red-letter days to the old soldiers, and they enjoy the reunions immensely.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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