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July 31 1903/2003

Rush - Over 15 years ago, the writer visited the once noted Mineral Spring, in this locality, and on Sunday afternoon again drove to the spot. Midway between the hotel and the spring we stopped to chat with a friend at Farview Farm-a delightful country place which commands a wide range of view of excellent farm-lands-the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Pickett. When we reached the old spring from which thousands have drunk of its cool and health-giving waters, we were amazed to note the change in its surroundings. What was once a charming place has fallen into complete disuse, and the old grove near the spring is scarcely ever visited now. A bit of history, so far as my memory allows, is not inappropriate here, regarding this historic spot. The plot of land originally belonged to the old Drinker estate. After several years, during which time its name and fame was quite generally recognized, in the year 1869, E. S. Butterfield, Esq., of Syracuse, and his brother, A. D. Butterfield, of Montrose, purchased the land and made preparations for bottling and selling the water. They erected a large and attractive summer hotel, which stood on a high and stately hill above the spring. The place received a liberal patronage from invalids hailing from all parts of the country, many of whom were greatly benefited by the baths, etc. Prosperity and popularity reigned undisturbed here until 1896(?) when fire broke out and destroyed the hotel, which has never been rebuilt. It is said a fish will not live but two or three hours in this water. When the resort was in its prime, people to the number of 700 a day have been known to visit the spring.

Elk Lake - C. M. Young and F. A. Green are selling a number of mowing machines and horse rakes to the farmers in this neighborhood.

South Gibson - A sister of Mrs. Jerry Bennett's, formerly Miss Vida Young [married Charles Heisig, of Beaumont, Texas], with two children and a nurse, arrived here from Texas ten days ago. The little boy was taken sick with membranous croup, and Dr. Johnson, of Harford and Dr. Fike, of Dundaff, were summoned, but in spite of all that medical aid could do, death claimed the little one. The father arrived just before the child died. The funeral was held from Jerry Bennett's just one week from the day they came. The sorrowing parents returned to their home in Texas the next day. AND Glenn Morgan and Miss Lizzie Richards, of Union Hill, were married in Hancock, [NY] July 6. They are among our prominent young people and have the best wishes of their many friends.

Welsh Hill, Clifford Twp. - D. J. Morgan and wife entertained the members of the South Gibson band at Lake Idyll Wilde cottage, last Saturday evening.

Auburn Twp. - Frederick Fargo died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Q. Adams, Friday, July 24, 1903, after a long sickness, aged 73 years. The deceased was a veteran of the War of the Rebellion, being a member of Co. H., 142d Pa. Volunteers, and seriously wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville. After services at the house, the sermon being delivered by the Rev. Mr. Williams, the Lieutenant H. C. Titman Post, of Auburn, conducted the rites at the grave in Bunnell cemetery. Four members of his company were among the pall bearers-Judge D. W. Searle, J. C. Rifenbury, John Rollison and Filander Lott-the other bearers were D. C. Titman and D. D. Layton. Mrs. John Q. Adams is the only child surviving. E. M. Fargo, of Montrose, and Mrs. J. Bunnell, of Auburn, are his surviving brother and sister.

Montrose - There will be a ball game at Athletic Park, Monday, Aug. 3d. Printers and Barbers vs. Clerks. The line up is as follows: Printers and Barbers-Ed Thompson, c; Ennis Birch, p; Mort Smith, 1b; Will Cruser, 2b; Ray Cruser, ss; Carlton Griffis, 3b; Corella North, cf; George Daunie, lf; Stuart Watrous, rf. Substitutes: Will Aitken, Henry Whalen, George Mack. Clerks - Fred Connell, c; Fay Sprout, p; Lou Herrick, 1b; J. C. VanCampen, 2b; O. B. Tingley, ss; Bruce Titman, 3b; James Mahon, cf; John Youngs, lf; Chas. Sprout. Substitutes: Ed. Foote, Mott Fessenden, Gerrie Griffis. As this is to be one of the most exciting games of the season, everyone should attend. Adm. 10 cents to any place in the park.

Susquehanna - The Susquehanna Athletic Club entertained its lady friends with a social hop in Hogan's opera house, on Tuesday evening. Houlihan & King's orchestra furnished music for the occasion. AND The small pox will cost Susquehanna about $1300.

Lanesboro - Small pox patients have all recovered and but six houses are now quarantined. The books of the Lanesboro Book Club have been fumigated.

Herrick Centre - Marilla Gates, of Susquehanna, has been elected assistant principal of the Herrick high school.

Oakland - James Barnes, who conducted a shoe shop on Exchange St., in Susquehanna, on Friday night while in a somnambulistic state, walked out of the third story window of his house and fell into the yard, a distance of about 25 ft. He sustained injuries from which he died at four o'clock on Sunday morning. He is survived by the widow, two daughters and a son. The funeral took place from the house on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. W. F. Stowe, pastor of the Oakland Congregational church, officiating.

Howard Hill - Anyone seeing this who is the owner of a chain found around the neck of a yearling belonging to Isaac Travis, can have the same by calling at his home, proving property, and explaining how it came there.

News Brief - According to figures that have been tabulated, the casualty list of the Fourth of July celebration is 52 killed and 3665 injured. This exceeds the worst battle that was fought in the war for independence. The powder that was burned would have blown the entire British and American armies into the Atlantic Ocean.

Friendsville - Mrs. Catherine Purtell, an old and respected resident of Binghamton died July 25, 1903, at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Purtell was born in Friendsville 60 years ago and 40 years ago removed to that city with her husband, Michael Purtell. Mr. Purtell was killed in that city about 20 years ago, at the Jarvis street crossing. She is survived by four sons and three daughters.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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