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July 31 1896/1996

North Jackson - Prof. O.E. French and family of Creston, Iowa, is visiting friends and relatives; in this vicinity. Pro. French was formerly Supt. of Schools of Susquehanna county and now holds the same position of the city schools of Creston.

New Milford - A McKinley & Hobart club was organized Monday evening, with a membership of 50.

Susquehanna - Susquehanna is at last to have a new telegraphic service. We are to be connected with the Postal Telegraph Co.'s lines by a loop from New Milford. It is also stated that the same company will build a telephone line between Susquehanna and Montrose. This will fill a long felt want. With the present service, our people are apt to use the word "hello" backwards.

Glenwood - The four oldest men in this town are Michael Maloney, aged 100; James Gow, 92; Daniel Kintner, 88; Reuben Barney, 84; their combined ages being 364 years.

Oakland - The Misses Graham, on Monday evening, gave a moonlight steamer party in honor of their guests, the Misses Ingle, of Phillipsburg, NJ. The 150 young people had a very enjoyable time.

Forest City- The Sunday School excursion from Forest City, Vandling and Richmondale went to Laneshoro Wednesday. The train consisted of 14 coaches, and the excursionists, who numbered about 1000, spent a most delightful day at Riverside Park. AND Mr. & Mrs. Alva Carpenter have brought suit against the borough to recover damages for injuries received by Mrs. Carpenter from a fall on the sidewalks.

Silver Lake - Frank Swackhammer, the stage driver, reports a catamount in the swamp surrounding Cranberry Lake. Hounds were pursuing some animal in the woods for a long time yesterday, and when it finally crossed a clearing it was seen to be a catamount. Toward evening, Swackhammer was driving along the road near the locality, when with a hideous cry the animal leaped over a fence directly at him. His horse struck out at a pace that soon brought them to a farm house, and the ferocious animal gave up the pursuit. Hunters are out on the beast's trail today.

East Rush - Jacob Cronk lost a gray coat 2 or 3 weeks ago near the Elk Lake creamery, he thinks. The Cinder would confer a great favor by either notifying Mr. Cronk or returning the coal.

Great Bend - P.R. Barrager, of Great Bend, who lost his team of horses by trading with a stranger, has recovered the animals. They were found, together with some other plunder, near Wilkes-Barre. The man escaped by swimming the river.

Hop Bottom- I.W. Wright will build a new store building, it is said, and G.P. Tiffany a large store building.

Susquehanna County- Rattlesnake Stories: (Hallstead) on Saturday, about noon, as Mr. F.S. Barnes, Mrs. C.W. Barnes and two young ladies were picking berries on the hill south of the silk mill, Mrs. C.W. Barnes, being tired, sat down on a rock to rest, and leaning on her arm she felt a sting or bite on her left arm. She at once said "I am bitten by something," pulled off her dress sleeve and there were the marks of the bite of a rattlesnake (the snake was lying there by her). Mr. Barnes at once corded her arm and cut it with his knife so it bled freely and got her to the house a short distance, and called Dr. Merrill to attend her. He did all he could and the chances are now they will save her life. Before getting the doctor they gave her all the liquor she could drink and kept her supplied with it some time. (Glenwood) Two large rattlesnakes were killed on the farm of C.W. Conrad, Esq., on this place, Monday. While Miss Mabel Wescott, accompanied by her brother George, were out picking berries, she discovered two large snakes lying on a rock. She immediately notified her brother, who killed them. They measured 3 ft. AND 10 inches and carried eight rattles. (Lawsville) Several days ago I.C. Ireland and Wm. Bartles killed a rattlesnake, while raking hay on the Harris place that measured 3 ft., 10 in. Last Wednesday, Fred Bailey and Ben Luce killed another, while haying, measuring 3 ft., 4 in, and having 9 rattles.

Susquehanna County- Permits to Wed: Miles C. Kenyon, of Starrucca, and Lulu Walker, of Thompson; Chas. H. Judd and Mame Sullivan, both of Great Bend; Joseph Sisko and Barbara Povlik, both of Carbondale; A.G. Sweeny, of Watertown, NY and Lillie A. Jenkins, of Auburn Corners; John Nagorney and Mary Dovjack, both of Forest City; Wm. H. Adams, of Pavillion, NY, and Minnie J. Bunnell, of South Montrose.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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