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July 31 1891/1991

Montrose - Prf. Haydn Evans, organist in the First Presbyterian Church, Scranton, assisted by a quartette of the best vocal talent and a violinist from that city, will give a concert in the Presbyterian Church, this place, on Friday evening, July 31.

Susquehanna - A thirty pound turtle was caught in the Susquehanna on Wednesday AND The first annual picnic of the Susquehanna band will take place at Beebe's Park, Saturday afternoon and evening next. Among the attractions are a game of ball between the "Crickets and Binghamton's best nine; a tub race on the Susquehanna; dancing afternoon and evening, muse by the orchestra; and music by the band. Refreshments of all kinds served on the grounds.

Silver Lake - The healthful climate and purity of Silver Lake atmosphere cannot be too highly praised, and the statement so often made, that there are no mosquitoes, can be affirmed. The other day the buzz of a mosquito was heard; he seemed to be taking in the sights and enjoying himself immensely, and on being addressed, he said he had been to Quaker Lake, but the people there were very unfriendly, the young ladies especially. He spoke highly of the Brackney Inn and the new Giblin House, but his royal personage was even unwelcome there. We informed him of the many improvements Rose Bros. were making at Silver Lake, and the beautiful ground surrounding their beautiful summer resort, and that the proposed railroad from Montrose to Binghamton, by way of these lakes, is not a thing of the past.

Rush - On Sunday night, between 1 & 3 AM, a party of fools created a riot in the town by the firing of pistols and crackers, beating drums, blowing horns, etc., disturbing and annoying peace-loving citizens beyond all patience. If such things are permitted the town will not be worth living M.

Auburn - Several old soldiers in this vicinity have lately received pensions and no doubt feel grateful to "Uncle Sam" although he had done no more than pay what he honestly owes them, and perhaps not as much. Even from a selfish point of view, we cannot help but wish that every soldier who fought for his country be granted a pension for we can certainly see the effects of it immediately after "hay-day." What does the soldier good, does us all good. [Pensions were from the Civil War].

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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