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July 29 1892/1992

Montrose - The County Commissioners have had a flag staff erected on the clock tower of the Court House, and now the Stars and Stripes float gaily to the passing breezes, inspiring with patriotic feelings all who gaze thereon.

Lathrop - The directors of our township are using the State appropriation with wisdom giving the children eight months' school. But they still cling to the ancient custom of making the teachers hunt their board in the neighborhood.

Rush - A large number of people waited on the patent teeth extractors, and parted with their teeth and money very willingly, the process being painless for the most part. Some wanted sound teeth removed as a precautionary measure against decay. The Doctors have gained many friends here by their winning ways

Gunn Hill - A band of Gypsies camped here last Wednesday night. They bought a horse of W. Gow.

Susquehanna - On Sunday evening last extra train No. 14, .J. Regan engineer, was entering the West Susquehanna yard under full headway, when the locomotive of that train collided with switch engine No. 627, P.J. Lannon, engineer. Both engines were a complete wreck, and five cars were badly smashed. The trainmen all jumped for their lives, and escaped injury. The accident was caused by the turning of a switch by some unknown person. This allowed the switch engine, which was pulling a string of cars, to run upon the main track in the face of the incoming train. Both tracks were badly blocked for some time.

Lynn - Whortle berries are said to be scarce on the mountains this season. Blackberries will soon be ripe and will be a large crop in this place. AND Mr. Ahner can be seen daily working in his garden early in the morning while it is cool. By the way, uncle Abe has the best garden in Lynn.

Franklin Forks - The Sail Spring is getting to be quite a place for pleasure seekers. Quite a number of picnics have been held there thus far this season. We hope it will get back some of its past glories, both as to the healing propensities of the water and a place to have a real enjoyable time.

Jackson - The time has come and gone to expect to find skilled hunters. Like everything else, practice makes perfect, and the game is not to be found upon which to practice. The late David Bryant is said to have secured some 500 deer and 35 bear, either by traps or gun. Daniel and Charles Wrighter and Chester Stoddard at one time made a business of hunting, especially in winter. At one time they caught deer enough and a few bear to make loads of several teams, and it was sold to the late John Law, Gibson, and taken to Philadelphia, he selling at figures that afforded a good profit. Among the game was a bear of enormous size, which was shot we think, by Daniel Wrighter. Phineas Teeple, of Equinunk, Wayne County, is noted of being a skilled hunter, and now a man 75 years old, or perhaps older. He has hunted since he was sixteen years old, and paid for his farm by hunting. The story is told that he started out just at night with his gun bare footed and bare headed, and was gone a week before coming home.

Friendsville - The two barns on the James Carmalt place at Lakeside near Friendsville, were burned about 5:30 AM on Monday, having been set on fire by lightning during a heavy shower.

Compiled By: Betty Smith

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